The secret to success is time for myself

For those of you who follow along with us on social media, you’ll have seen that we recently took a trip to Montreal with Audible to celebrate the launch of and what that means for book lovers from coast-to-coast. Looking back on the experience, I can say with certainty that this trip was one for the books. Pun intended! After having the opportunity to try out the newly launched Canadian app, I wanted to also take a moment to share what I am listening to right now and how you too can try out the services now available to us all! 

I think one of the hardest lessons I have had to learn in this crazy world is to take time for myself. I cannot stress this enough, and in fact I owe a lot of my success to the ability to disconnect in order to reconnect with myself. So when I was introduced to Audible, I immediately fell in love with the idea that I could purchase audiobooks of all kinds to enjoy when travelling, working out, or soaking in the tub after a busy day. I got so into the idea of the platform that I could totally imagine myself as an author or something in another lifetime sending over my query letter and manuscript to some literary agent; alas, I simply don’t have the time to do such a thing right now (but that’s just the problem isn’t it?).

So what am I currently listening to using Audible ? On the train to Montréal, I took the opportunity to brush up on some Spanish while sitting back and enjoying the view. But audible isn’t just about studying for that skill you want to add to your busy life. It’s also about enjoying celebrities reading your favourites from the past or that new best seller. Like Hilary Clinton’s new bestseller (click here to read about the upcoming Canadian tour) or a special edition of The Handmaids Tale as read by Claire Danes. There is so much to explore and new titles added regularly to a version dedicated to us and our passions as a country. Did I also mention that the link above to The Handmaid’s Tale is free to try for those of you just signing up to Audible now? But act fast, it is a limited offer!

I guess that leads me to one of the most powerful moments of my career. The moment when, in the middle of Union Station in Toronto during morning rush hour, I had the opportunity to hear THE Margaret Atwood speak about Audible and her famous works. In the presence of Canadian greatness, I sat in awe of a Canadian who has worked tirelessly to promote Canada and Canadian values around the world. And yes, this was before her big Emmy win this year. So I can say I saw her when! 



There were so many amazing moments to share, so I thought I’d show you how some of our friends are enjoying their Audible experience as well:


From great “First Listens” to “Giller Prize Winners” and everything in between, Audible allows Canadians to connect with the world of literature in a whole new way that I never knew was possible. I get excited for another chapter and the opportunity to disconnect when commuting or writing a blog post and it is all thanks to Audible. 

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