The World is Wide, Wonderful and Waiting

Travelling is one of my favourite things to do. When I don’t have a trip planned, I find myself daydreaming about far away places when I should be working. I come by my wanderlust honestly, as my grandmother loved nothing more in life (other than her family) then to travel. All we had to say was “I’d like to go to ____” and my grandmother would jump onto her computer, go to her favourites tab and pull up the site to look for flights. It was her go-to, hands-down.

Air Canada flies to over 200 destinations worldwide and to 65 Canadian cities and counting. What Air Canada has always meant to this world traveller is… home. Wherever you travel, Canadians will display their maple leafs – a pin, a shirt, a flag. You can recognize a fellow Canadian and usually give them a smile and a ‘hello’. I’m more likely to start a conversation, cause it’s quite wonderful to connect with a fellow citizen far away from home somewhere unexpected like Singapore or in The Hague. My favourite maple leaf, however, is on the Air Canada logo. When I see it, it either means that I’m travelling somewhere exciting or that I’m headed home. Funny how a logo can give you comfort, can make you feel connected, and can make you feel proud to be Canadian – no matter where you are in the world.

When I first moved to the UK (this is a story for another day), I flew over with Air Canada. When I would come home for a visit, I would see the logo at Heathrow. Boarding the plane, with the Canadian flight attendants welcoming me with beautiful smiles, I knew I was going home. When I broke up with my boyfriend and left Wellington, New Zealand for the last time (another story not for another day), I flew Star Alliance with Air New Zealand for my first half of the journey and then transferred to the Air Canada planes docked and ready to go at LAX International Airport and I knew I was going home to be with my family once again.

Of course, boarding an Air Canada flight to travel to Paris or San Francisco or Vancouver, gives me the same feeling. The familiarity of the Air Canada team, the environment and reminders of home in the cabin that surround you on your way to an exciting destination. The CBC tv shows and Canadian music available on the in-flight seat-back entertainment or on my phone using their app, the En Route magazine poised in the seat pouch to whet your appetite about your next travel and the familiarity of the Air Canada maple leaf in view all around you (including on the tail at 30,000 feet!).

As our national air carrier, they offer the “lowest price guarantee”, you can earn Aeroplan and Altitude miles and privileges, you can do all your arrangements on the mobile app, and you have access to a wide-selection of hotels, car rentals and much more.  My grandmother was a smart lady, and she knew how to travel reliably, comfortably and with exceptional service and convenience. I made sure to sign up for special offers to ensure I can take advantage of savings as well – and well, for any excuse to travel, really.

So if you’re a world traveller like me, you know that the Air Canada maple leaf is a welcome sign. There is no place like home, and Air Canada symbolizes that for me and for millions of other travellers around the world. Next trip for me is hopefully to Ngurah Rai International Airport in Kuta, Indonesia (Bali), but it may just as easily be Calgary International Airport. I’m up for going anywhere because I know that they will always bring me home.

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Catherine Sugrue, CNP

Holistic Nutritionist 

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Photos by Catherine Sugrue