#TIFF16 | The AXE Collective Vanguard Honours is shaping the future of film

As you’ve most likely seen, The Toronto International Film Festival is one of our favourite times of year. With events, celebrities and screenings happening every day here in Toronto, it’s all about getting to be a part of the excitement with film lovers from around the world. When I found out that AXE was teaming up with John Legend & Mark Duplass for The AXE Collective Vanguard Honours during the #TIFF16 excitement, I knew that I had to be there! 

You’ll have seen over the years that we’ve been huge fans of AXE. Not to mention that I adore both John Legend & Mark Duplass! Globally, the #FindYourMagic campaign has been inspiring us all to express our uniqueness and personalities. It’s why it made so much sense for this evolution to join, mentor and ultimately shape the filmmakers of the future during TIFF.

“The AXE Collective Vanguard Honours is the brainchild of the AXE Collective mentorship program and esteemed TIFF Vanguard Programme. Through a first-of-its-kind partnership for the festival, our Collective filmmakers and their work will be showcased in front of the global film community during the AXE Collective Vanguard Honours award ceremony.”

Earlier this year, John Legend announced his partnership with the program and it quickly caught fire.

On September 13th, right here in the city I call home, I will join John, Mark and the team at AXE as they celebrate creativity among this year’s official TIFF Vanguard selections. Those of us attending will have the exclusive opportunity to watch three short films, handpicked by John and Mark, made by three AXE Collective filmmakers. Ultimately this is an opportunity of a lifetime to help propel these talented filmmakers to a whole new level with the support and mentorship of some of the most talented and creative people in the industry.

“It takes tenacity, grit, and a strong sense of self to #FindYourMagic. We’ve joined forces with award-winning artist John Legend forming the AXE Collective to mentor a select group of yet-to-be-discovered movie makers in their pursuit to reach the next level.”


Make sure to come along with us on September 13th to get an exclusive BTS look at the experience and what we can all expect from the future of film.

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Photos: AXE & Daniel Reyes


Daniel Reyes

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