Toronto | Get Holiday Ready with Toronto Eaton Centre

Tick tock tick tock… Are YOU Holiday Ready? I know that I am not even close but I am certainly in the spirit of it all after a recent visit to Toronto Eaton Centre to visit with Santa & Friends. I was sure to tell him all about my Holiday Wishlist & Must Haves for the season while I was there. Come & see why Toronto Eaton Centre is the place to be to get into the spirit of the season and enjoy some one of a kind experiences this year.

Located in Trinity Square just outside the hustle and bustle of the shopping centre, Santa has set up shop for children and children at heart. His Timber Blocks R-30 insulated, custom built log cabin is the place to be every Friday leading up to the big day for a visit and photo with Santa. As you can tell, we took FULL advantage of the occasion recently!
Moving inside, The Urban Lodge is a place to kick up your feet and relax beside a digital fireplace, comfortable seating and free wifi while charging your mobile device and taking a break. After all, you deserve it!

Amid a Christmas Tree Maze for the little ones, outdoor activities and uniquely decorated trees from local celebrities and athletes… this year #TOthecity is sure to be a Holiday Hashtag we will all be using when we visit Toronto Eaton Centre to join in on the social media conversation.



Can’t make it in person? Don’t worry. They’ve got you covered. Skype with Santa in partnership with Sick Kids and Autism Speaks will allow children with special needs who can’t attend in person to meet Santa and chat with him about what they would love to see under the tree, no matter where that tree may be this year. Calls are scheduled to occur every Wednesday and are sure to brighten up the day for those children who need a little cheer in their lives.

Lastly, Pet Picks are taking place for Santa and your fur babies today December 4th from 4-7pm & December 14th from 10am-2pm. It’s all about getting the whole family involved, including the pets!

For more Holiday Cheer, make sure to follow @TOeatoncentre on Twitter & Instagram. Use the #TOthecity hashtag to show your personal Holiday Cheer while attending all the Holiday festivities!


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Photos: Toronto Eaton Centre

Cheers & Happy Holidays!

Daniel Desforges