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As the year starts to come to an end, we begin to think about all of the things we want to accomplish in the new year.  But let me ask you something and I want you to take a moment to think about it… why not now?  Why is it so important to wait until the new year to start something?  There’s no such thing as the “right time” – there’s just right now.

I do hope over the last few weeks of my New Balance Editorial, that I’ve helped to motivate some of you to think positively about your heath and about your bodies!  What works for someone else may not work for you and that’s okay.  As long as you’re still trying your best and striving forward.  Find YOUR balance.

This week, I want to show your lady lumps some love by talking about the Shockingly Unshocking fitness bra from the New Balance Psyche Collection available at The Running Room.  Ideal for bustier babes in the C, D & DD range, this bra helps those with a bit more bounce in their motion by providing encapsulation and compression support where it counts.

product photo shoot    Camera Angles include: 40.Left 3Q,41.Back

Offering a moisture-wicking stabilizer fabric and moulded cups, the straps adjust in the front and back for a more customized fit.  Oh but don’t you worry, those ladies won’t be completely smushed in there unable to breathe.  This bra is equipped with breathable mesh panels to help keep you cool AND in place… and sexy (I added that one in there.  I don’t think it’s an official New Balance feature, yet).


REST.  Yes, you read that properly.  R-E-S-T.  Rest in between sets, rest in between workout sessions and rest at night by sleeping.  Your body needs time to recover and regenerate in order to maintain healthy cells.  Your muscles also need time to repair after your fitness routine in order to strengthen.  Make sure you are getting some sleep at night as well.  Sleep deprivation impairs memory, weakens the immune system and will even slow down your metabolism.



The Shockingly Unshocking

Electrolytes, Fibre and Greens, OH MY!  This baby packs a tangy but tasty anti-inflammatory detoxifying punch.

1 1/2 CUPS Coconut Water

1 CUP Frozen Organic Raspberries

1 SCOOP Chocolate Protein Powder

Handful Spinach

1 TSP Chlorella (or Spirulina)

1 TBSP Coconut Oil

Pinch of Turmeric

(I topped mine with Bee Pollen and Hemp Hearts for fun! Yes, that is a Nutritionist’s version of FUN.)

Coconut water is all the rage these days and I’m right on board with this trend because it’s delicious.  But it’s also chock full of electrolytes which need to be replenished during intense exercise as you lose minerals through your sweat.  It also contains a saturated fat called MCT which can boost energy and metabolism.  Raspberries are high in fibre, antioxidants and phytonutrients.  The ketones found in raspberries can help to increase the metabolism of your fat cells, thus helping you to lose weight and prevent obesity.  Turmeric is anti-inflammatory but must be carried along with a healthy fat to be properly absorbed (hence the addition of coconut oil).  Don’t worry – your smoothie won’t taste like curry – but only add a pinch.

I’m upping the greens factor by adding some Spinach and Chlorella (or Spirulina).  Always rotate your greens for the full spectrum of nutrient absorption.  Did you know that spinach contains Vitamin C?  It’s not only in oranges, folks!  Have you heard of Chlorella before?  It’s a blue-green algae high in Chlorophyll.  Many studies have shown the beneficial and therapeutical effects of this tiny superfood.  It’s extremely detoxifying, binding to heavy chemicals in the body and helping remove them without binding to the essential minerals your body requires.  Always buy broken cell wall Chlorella as the cell wall is indigestible, therefore you won’t obtain the beneficial properties otherwise.  Have a bit of fun and experiment with different uses so you can really get your money’s worth!


So, NOW is the time to start my friends!  Set an intention every day to give yourself some serious love and then pass it on.  Once you stop listening to that little voice inside your head that always wants to compare you to others and make you feel bad for not looking a certain way, you can truly start to embrace how beautiful you are because you’re YOU.

Someone once said to me “If you can already see it in your rearview mirror, don’t turn the car around”.  Keep striving forward my friends.  Oh, but do make sure those beautiful boobies are supported along the way!


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