Toronto | Toronto Grilled Cheese Fest

Who doesn’t love Grilled Cheese? I mean, let’s be honest. Be it your comfort food with Kraft Singles or dressed to impressed in brie and pear, this is a signature food concoction. For that very reason, my friends at Joylister are hosting THE Toronto Grilled Cheese Fest on Friday February 28th at Roy Thomson Hall.

Fresh off the success of Toronto Poutine Fest, this is a foodie’s dream come true and I cannot wait to attend! The evening will consist of live Tweeting and Instagraming with one hand while the other devours delicious interpretations of this classic dish.


Unlike many other foodie events that occur in Toronto, this isn’t an event where you buy a ticket and have to spend more money upon arrival. These tickets (that are selling out quickly!) give you access to all you can eat grilled-cheese sandwiches and gourmet soups. AND 3 Drink tickets. You couldn’t ask from more from an event.

I can tell you that I have seen the behind the scenes creations and they will be sure to knock your socks off. I can only hope I get to try them all and tell you which are my favourites. I have a strong inclination it might have something to do with Balderson cheese… but we will see!


Does this sounds like an event that you would want to attend?  Want to join Julio & I for the best grilled cheese you’ll ever eat? All you have to do is click here.

Follow along for this amazing event with @DoTheDaniel & @JoylisterFun for all things #TOGrilledCheeseFest.

Photos: Joylister


Daniel Desforges