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Travel & Lifestyle | Announcing World of Angus’ newest Brand Ambassador, Canela Reyes!

It should come as no surprise that when we recently added Canela Reyes to our lives, she would soon take the world by storm. One of the ways we are helping to showcase the beauty of rescuing your next pet and the love that they can add to your life is by partnering with World of Angus. As their newest Brand Ambassador, #CanelaReyes is going to show you all the amazing products you need to get for your pet and how they can help to improve your lives!

So… who is World of Angus?

“We believe that dogs have preferences to go along with their awesome personalities. World Of Angus is a lifestyle brand built from your dog’s perspective. We create and offer products that are designed to make the things they do every day that much better.

We focus on Canadian and American made products that are organic and sustainable whenever possible.

North American workers produce some of the best products in the world, and we aim to provide a unique and focused collection of the best.”

To launch our new partnership with World of Angus, they sent over some of the essentials that every dog needs in their life:

Filson Leather Dog Leash

Dog Leash

Every dog needs a leash to enjoy their walks and time outside. We chose the tan coloured Filson leash for Canela for both its quality and comfort. Plus, to match her daddy FASHIONIGHTS, it had to be leather. “This leash is built to last and is perfect for everyday walks with your best friend.” – available in black, brown or natural, it’s a great addition to your everyday routine with your pet.

JAX & BONES Octopus Rope Toy


Every dog needs a toy that they can love and mangle instead of your shoes – with Canela, she has a bad habit of chewing things she isn’t supposed to. With her new toy Elton (yes, he has a name), she can now have hours of chewing without worrying her dads that she has the new pair of shoes we just bought in her bed. “He’s hand-tied using non-toxic vegetable dyes. As your pup chews, the rope will fray and act like dental floss to help keep your dog’s teeth clean.”

JAX & BONES Lifesaver Rope Dog Toy 


We all know that dogs love to play tug of war and it’s a great way to run out their high energy. With this toy we are able to get Canela tired before bed or just to keep her entertained at home when we aren’t out exploring the city. “This toy is perfect for heavy chewers.” – aka a 56 pound Sharpei Mix who’s looking for something to chomp on that WON’T get her in trouble!

Treats Happen Beef Liver Dog Treats


Treats are a necessary part of a dog’s life to both reward them for good behaviour and to help train them. As new dog parents, we are also mindful of the fact that some treats on the market are full of additives and things we wouldn’t want Canela eating. These treats get Canela’s tail wagging and are something we feel comfortable feeding her when she’s being a good girl. “These treats only contain Canadian beef. No preservatives, dyes, fragrances, chemicals, grains, or any other junk.”

Dog Balm


If you think about it, our dogs are exposed to the same environmental conditions as we are. While we treat our skin and hair to combat these conditions, all too often we forget about our four-legged companions. This dog balm is perfect for Canela’s paws and coat and contains all natural ingredients similar to many products we chose to use on our own skin! “Our Dog Balm is designed to soothe dry and irritated skin and paws. Made with olive oil, shea butter and beeswax, and infused with healing herbs. Your best friend will thank you!”

Excited to tell you all that I am the newest Brand Ambassador for @_worldofangus! #WorldOfAngus #CanelaReyes

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We’ve added all of these items to Canela’s daily routines and believe that they will help to improve your dog’s life as well. To check out these and other amazing products available from World of Angus, make sure to check out their website today!

To stay inspired on all things doggy fashion, make sure to follow @CanelaReyes & @_WorldOfAngus on Instagram. Use the #WorldOfAngus hashtag to show us which products your pooch loves most. While you’re joining the social media conversation, don’t forget to follow @WorldOfAngus on Twitter.

Photos: World of Angus & Julio Reyes


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