Travel & Lifestyle | Day 4 of our #HelloExperience

You know when they say “Time flies where you’re having fun”, they meant it! I can’t believe we are already well into our week down in the Riviera Maya and it will be over before we know it. For those of you who have been following @Fashionights & @DoTheDaniel on social media, you’ll have gotten a behind the scenes look at our #HelloExperience with Booking Hello and Catalonia Hotels & Resorts.  Well rested after a busy day 3, we departed from Royal Tulum Beach & Spa Resort for a day full of fun in the sun.

When booking your next vacation with HELLO, one of the things I love most is how affordable it is. Not only does it allow you for extra perks not available through other travel websites, but it also provides you with an excursion and taxis to and from the airport. It’s the little touches throughout the week that helped me to realize how much I love Booking Hello and you will too!

Day 4 started off bright and early thanks to our friends at Quest. They helped to organize an excursion to Playa del Carmen (the city which by this point has stolen a piece of my heart) where we would be enjoying Paddle Surfing with the Aloha Paddle Club! Now, for those of you who aren’t aware, Julio doesn’t in fact swim and I have an irrational fear of the ocean. Damn you Jaws. Determined to face our fears, we decided we were going to do it.





I am SO proud of Julio for putting on his life jacket, getting into the ocean and paddling out with me. Word to the wise, the Mexican Sun is very strong and when out on the water it is even stronger. Make sure when you plan your next #HelloExperience that you bring some heavy duty sun screen to help you skin adjust and not just turn beet red. Even Julio burnt, which never happens!

To check out all the adventures Quest can create for you, make sure to click here.

After an amazing morning and delicious lunch on the beach, we got into our taxi (or, as they like to call them in the area when travelling between destinations, “Transfers”) and headed to tour Catalonia Playa Maroma. What I liked best is that all three resorts offer such a different experience. Playa Maroma is the 2nd largest of the 3 and boasts beautifully hacienda decor and architecture. Of the three, it is the most “Mexican” feeling and has some of the best views from its restaurants. Hence the cover photo above I shared on social media this week that everyone seemed to love. You think the photo is great? You should see it in person!

We ate at their privilege restaurant (each resort has certain areas for their privilege members which you immediately can gain access to when booking with HELLO. Yet another perk!) and enjoyed swimming in the ocean. Of the three beaches, I think Playa Maroma was my favourite!


I immediately thought about how if I had Catherine or Amanda with me, I would have picked them up a Cocotier Apparel Bikini. Available in the area, they are crocheted and absolutely beautiful. Ladies, if you’re looking to feel beautiful and sexy when visiting the Riviera Maya, this is the bikini for you!

“La historia de cómo nace Cocotier es bastante sencilla, pero no por eso simple. Mi madre, Patricia, siendo una niña, aprendió a tejer el crochet gracias a mi bisabuela Josefa, quien le hacía hacer cadenas interminables por las tardes para gozar de su compañía. Mi abuela Rosa, siendo una niña también, aprendió a tejer gracias a mi bisabuela. Y yo, una tarde junto al mar, aprendí a tejer el crochet gracias a mi madre.”

We had the chance to meet the designer behind the brand, Margot, and fell in love with her energy! Her products are beautiful and a must for every tourist who comes to visit. Did I mention they also ship worldwide? Get on it ladies!

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After a busy day, we all got back into our transfer and headed back to Catalonia Royal Tulum. We showered, changed and relaxed before meeting up for drinks at BLoved. Stay tuned for an amazing video we have been taking part in all week long. Once we get access to it, we will make sure to share it with you all so you can see even MORE behind the scenes from our week down south on our very own #HelloExperience!

Dinner with friends at Centenario (the Mexican restaurant on the resort grounds) rounded out an incredible day with lots of laughing and delicious dishes. We all left full and ready for a good night’s sleep. After all, we had another busy day planned for the next morning!

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Photos: Booking HelloCatalonia Hotels & Resorts, Daniel Desforges & Julio Reyes

Bon Voyage!

Daniel Desforges