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Travel & Lifestyle | Getting to know ourselves with 23andMe

For those of you who don’t know, Julio Reyes of and I are not only business partners, but also a couple. With a wedding in the works, we’ve already sat down to talk about a family in the coming years and what that might mean for us. Having children is something that is very important to us both, but comes with a lot of responsibility. Recently, I was introduced to 23andme and fell in love with the concept. “23andMe is a personalized DNA service providing information and tools for individuals to learn about and explore their DNA.” So, as we explore the opportunities of same sex surrogacy in the coming years, we chose to get to know ourselves a little better.

Where does my curly hair come from? Which side of the family does Julio’s skin colour come from? What diseases run in our family? What can our ancestry and genetics reveal about us both as a couple and as future parents? All of these questions can be answered using the services of 23andme in the most convenient way possible. Alternatively, it might be easier for some people to visit their local DNA testing center to get some similar results. It’s up to the individual whether they would prefer dna testing in Jamaica or by using 23andme. DNA tests can tell us a lot, which is why they’re so popular these days.

By now you’ve most likely seen the following commercial:

But what does that mean for you? The 23andMe program is one of the easiest ways to learn about yourself. From genetic predisposition to genetic ancestry, and all delivered right to your door once you get started.

  • View reports on over 100 health conditions and traits
  • Find out about your inherited risk factors and how you might respond to certain medications
  • Discover your lineage and find DNA relatives

First things first, let’s get your 23andMe kit purchased. Click here to order it online.

#23andMe #DoTheDaniel What your DNA says about you

Once you receive your kit in the mail, it takes 3 simple steps to get going.

Both Julio and I were able to get started towards discovering ourselves and each other. Both as couple but also as future parents should we decide to go down the route of surrogacy. Some of you might be intimidated by the amount of information that 23andMe provides, but you can also customize what you do and do not want to know.

So it all sounds pretty futuristic, right? But how can it help you and your life?

For Julio & I, it will help to plan our future. Perhaps for you, you want to trace back your ancestry and learn about your past. We all have our reasons for wanting to learn about ourselves, and 23andMe’s easy to use program and online tracking can help us achieve it.

See how Kristen learnt about herself and how 23andMe helped her life by watching the following video:

23andMe can help to change your life or maybe shed some light on areas of yourself you weren’t aware of. Remember that you can purchase your kit to get started by clicking here.

Stay tuned as Julio & I receive our results in the coming weeks. I’ll be updating this portion of the blog to show you some of our results as we plan out the next phase in our relationship and lives. We can’t wait to find out about ourselves and the possible children we will have one day thanks to our friends at 23andMe.

So… Do you want to know more about yourself? For more information make sure to check out and follow @23andMe on Twitter and Instagram. Never forget that the best gift you can give yourself and those you love is the gift of knowledge. I think that for the upcoming holidays, I’ll purchase some kits for my family and friends so that they too can learn about their past and future along with us.

* It is important to note: “Make sure to discuss your Genetic Information with a physician or other health care provider before you act upon the Genetic Information resulting from 23andMe Services. If you have concerns or questions about what you learn through 23andMe, you should contact your physician or other health care provider.”

Photos: 23andme & Julio Reyes


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