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Having Canela in our lives has been one of the best things to ever happen to me. You’ll remember that she is now a brand ambassador for World of Angus and together we are always bringing you all the best additions to our lives as pet owners thanks to their incredible products. This time around, we realized that it was time to get ready for the winter season. Being that Canela is from Miami, it will be her first time experiencing snow and a Canadian winter… THAT should be interesting and cute all at the same time. Thanks to World of Angus, we are ready for whatever the winter holds!

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For the winter, it was important that we had items to keep Canela warm and safe. Canadian winters can be pretty harsh and the salt used on the roads is actually very harmful to the sensitive pads of a dog’s paws. Thankfully, World of Angus solved that problem for us right away!

Pawsh Pads Dog Boots

Pawsh Pags Dog Boots World of Angus DoTheDaniel

“These durable dog boots are the best we’ve ever tested. They are extremely easy to put on due to the expandable bellows tongue and adjustable velcro straps. Made from water resistant Neoprene with a high quality suede toe piece and sole. These booties are wipe down washable, light weight and flexible. Four per box.” With enough colour options to match any dog outfit you can think of, these are the best boots in the biz. Though she hasn’t been the biggest fan of trying them on (since this is her first winter as mentioned), she will be as grateful for them as we are when the temperature drops and the snow / salt are on the ground during our walks.

SO we’ve got her paws covered… but what about her body? We already have a few of the amazing clothing items from World of Angus, but when we heard about the NEW dog sweater, we knew we had to get one!

The Dog Sweater

The Dog Sweater World of Angus DoTheDaniel

“The first World of Angus collection has arrived just in time for the cold weather and the holiday season.

The Dog Sweater from World of Angus is soft, comfortable, and will keep your pup warm during cool fall nights through cold winter walks. Made from 100% merino wool, this pull over sweater is a must have for any pup. The Dog Sweater is warm, while not being heavy or bulky, making it perfect for layering with a jacket on particularly cold winter nights.”

This thing is ADORABLE (see photo above) and the fact that it is made with human grade fabrication means that I am dressing Canela in clothing that (if they made it in my size) I could also wear. It’s important that she is warm this winter and with both of these items, I have no doubt that her first winter with us with be amazing!

We’ve added all of these items to Canela’s daily routines and believe that they will help to improve your dog’s life as well. To check out these and other amazing products available from World of Angus, make sure to check out their website today!

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Photos: World of Angus & Julio Reyes


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