The 4 Best Winter Jackets That Every Canadian Needs

It’s been a whirlwind start to 2022 for me and I’m only now realizing that I haven’t sat down to write a lifestyle-ish blog post in way too long. I think the excitement at work during the day, balancing content creation, all things pandemic and new year / new strategy have kept me extra busy. Not to worry, because I’m back to share the best jackets now that winter has officially settled in and made its presence known. And this blog post is dedicated specifically to my fellow Canadians – because no one understands the necessity of a good winter jacket quite like a Canadian does.

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A Different Kind of Canadian

The time has come to have this chat – because whether you like it or not – winter is coming and my friends it’s time to start thinking about how we are going to live it to its fullest. Saying 2020 is not the year I was expecting is the understatement of a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy of Canada’s most iconic seasons in a different kind of Canadian way.

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The Only Thing You’ll Need This Winter

When it comes to a Canadian winter, most of us dread the cold and snow. Others of us crave it and love to embrace Canada’s most iconic season. I think back to the days when I was a teenager in high school and it was cool to not wear a jacket. I also was a teenager when tearaway silver sweat pants were a thing… times have changed and so have I. Now I embrace the winter months and I do so wearing a fur jacket. I will preface this blog post by saying that I will be presenting facts and my opinion. It is my own, just as much as you are entitled to yours. But I think it’s time I shed some light on the epidemic of faux fur just so that you understand what I support real fur with my favourite luxury brand that just launched in Canada.

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Let’s Take a Minute to Talk About…. Snow?

As I sit on the rooftop patio at the office answering emails and looking forward to a busy summer night in Toronto, I’m laughing at the fact that I’m about to write a blog post about the winter. As Canadians, the snow is something that defines who we are. The strength it takes to endure the blistering cold from coast-to-coast, and the fact that we are known internationally for our love of all things winter. Some of us deal with the cold better than others (this is where I’m going to poke fun at Catherine – she hates the winter) so when we were recently introduced to the French Canadian brand Quartz Co., I fell in love with their brand. Inspired by the fact that most of us will need to prepare for winter before we know it, and the fact I AM IN LOVE with the red jacket you’ll see below, I wanted to tell you why we will be wearing this brand when the temperature drops in 2018.  Continue reading “Let’s Take a Minute to Talk About…. Snow?”