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Have you ever stopped to realize how fast life goes by? More and more I am coming to realize that it is the experiences I share with my family and friends that matter more than the things I own. It sounds cheesy, but I genuinely like to believe that memories carry more value than anything. Travel is of course one of my favourite ways to get out and explore the world with Julio. On a regular basis I am looking at deals and destinations with Marriott around the world, dreaming about my next getaway. Recently I was introduced to the Marriott Rewards program and I have to say that amid all the rewards programs I am a part of, this is hands down my favourite way to create unique experiences & memories. Come and see how easy it is to sign up as we continue to bring you exclusive #MarriottRewards details! 

“You are who you are. You like what you like. And now you can get rewards that are just like you. Get on board, become a member and get benefits that take you where you want to go—whether it’s a concert, a customized hotel stay, or a lazy morning you just don’t want to end.” #MarriottRewards Banner

When I heard about the program, I was curious and decided to create a profile to begin collecting rewards as I continue to book travel for Julio and I over the next few months. Points are easy to earn and even easier to redeem! 

In our experiences marketplace, Marriott Rewards Members can pursue their passions by redeeming rewards points for a wide-array of specially curated events and opportunities for discovery. From the once-in-a-lifetime “bucket list” moments to unforgettable personally fulfilling experiences. Marriott experiences delight the senses and allow you to explore your personal interests in a meaningful and memorable way. With exciting packages in Sports, Entertainment, Culinary, and Lifestyle categories, Marriott’s experiences marketplace offers something for everyone – moments as wonderfully unique as our Members.”

I was able to create a profile in just a few clicks using the Marriott Rewards site.  With experiences ranging from Culinary to Lifestyle, Entertainment to VIP moments around the world, it seemed almost too good to be true. Becoming a member is free, and earning points is easy once your profile has been created when you book with Marriott and Marriott properties around the globe. 




To celebrate #MarriottRewards and our exciting new partnership with them, the team at Marriott Rewards recently sent Julio & I to the Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato concert here in Toronto. As easy as it is to sign up for #MarriottRewards, it just as easy to redeem them for concert tickets like the ones we received! 


Double-tap if you love sunsets + book #Toronto through the link in our bio. #ItPaysToBookDirect #MembersGetIt ?: @mikecleggphoto

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At the end of the day, your reward program when travelling should work for you. It should help to compliment the life you live and the dreams you have. Marriott Rewards has done that and so much more for me and I can’t wait to continue using my rewards around the world! 

“Looking for clever birthday-gift ideas? Use points to purchase one of 100+ gift cards. It’s fast, easy + will bring serious smiles. We’re smiling already! Points = Gift Cards:

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