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For my fellow Canadians, no one word can inspire a truly patriotic feeling quite like Winter. It holds a special place in our hearts because ours is like no other around the world. Quintessentially Canadian, the winter months are ones that hold the possibility for adventure while also reminding us of the days as children where snowmen proportions were the most stressful things we had to worry about. This year, Land Rover Canada is encouraging Canadians not to hibernate, but rather to HIBERNOT. Come & see how Julio & I recently had the chance to make our own unique memories with our friends at Land Rover Canada.

discovery sport plus

Joining a group of media peers, Julio & I bundled ourselves up for a day full of winter adventure. The #HIBERNOT campaign you’ve seen in your feeds is all about celebrating the new Land Rover Discovery Sport, “the perfect utility vehicle for Canadian families ready to take on the great outdoors. Innovatively engineered and expertly designed, the first of the Discovery family is available with a 5+2 configuration and an ideal combination of luxury and practicality for the best of outdoor Canadian adventures.


From first hand experience, this is an amazing vehicle. As we drove north out of the city towards Horseshoe Valley, we had a chance to experience the on-board navigation, sensational sound system and all the other features of the new model before its launch in Canada. For the car-centric reader looking for more specs on the Land Rover Discovery Sport, make sure to click here. (I’m by no means a car person but I can speak to the beauty of the model and the driving experience, both of which I loved!)

#HIBERNOT represents the core of the Land Rover spirit, encouraging families to spend quality time together by embracing the unique treasures that only our Canadian winter has to offer.” Encouraging us all to get out and enjoy the winter; Land Rover Canada wants to participate in your experiences by sharing your personal #HIBERNOT adventures on your social channels and uploading them here.

Having the opportunity to explore the Horseshoe Resort and choosing between snowshoeing or snow tubing it was a no brainer to pick snow tubing! Into the snow we went with our brand new Native Shoes boots to keep our feet warm. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been tubing, but it is one of the most exciting thing I have done in a very long time. All morning long I ran up the hill like a ten year old and laughed the whole way down. Julio of course was far more fashionable about his tubing experience as you will see below, but we both had so much fun!

Land Rover has also created a special site for the campaign – curated for Canadians and by Canadians – as a resource full of engaging and interactive content encouraging a number of different ways to #HIBERNOT this season.



Aside from the new Discovery Sport, Julio & I fell in love with the Land Rover LR4 we drove on the way back home. Spacious, aesthetically unique and all around chic; I’ll be adding this to my letter to Santa this year!


Should our friends at Land Rover Canada ever want to let us test drive their sister vehicles at Jaguar Canada, they know who to call! I’d also love to take the new Discovery Sport on the road to Ottawa to show our family what the latest & greatest is all about. We love the versatility and comfort of the models we drove.

To get behind the wheel yourself, make sure to click here to find your local dealership. You won’t be disappointed, and who knows…it may lead to future #HIBERNOT adventures of your own.

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Photos: Land Rover Canada, Daniel Desforges & Julio Reyes


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