Travel & Lifestyle | LE CHÂTEAU pledges to make a difference in #FortMcMurray

I don’t know what words to write when I stop to think about the terrible fires that have attacked and devastated much of the Fort McMurray communities. I think it has really shown Canadians that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature, and that in the blink of an eye, your entire life can change. It is A terrible tragedy and will change the lives of countless Canadians forever.

It has also helped to rally the rest of the country together in aid and outpouring of support, and for that, I can say with certainty that I am proud to be Canadian. It’s also why I am so proud to share that LE CHÂTEAU is committed to joining the Canadian effort to help at ground level in Fort McMurray. 


In a statement released to the media, LE CHÂTEAU says:

“In the wake of the devastating and ongoing wildfires that have displaced many Fort McMurray area residents, we are proud to be donating $100,000 worth of much needed new clothing, footwear, accessories to men and women in the region. These items will be distributed through Edmonton Emergency Relief Services Society, a non-profit organization working directly with those who have been affected in the area.”

Making a real difference, the team at LE CHÂTEAU is helping Canadians slowly find their way back home after losing so much. I couldn’t be more proud to work with a brand that shows Canadians their true colours when times get tough and for that I applaud each and every team member. Thank you for helping us when we needed it most. 

Want to help the cause? Join other Canadians in donating to the Red Cross Alberta File Appeal.

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Photos: LE CHÂTEAU, Daniel Reyes