Travel & Lifestyle | Nick Cannon, Moores & I want YOU to join us in supporting The 2016 #SuitDrive!

Now that July has arrived, and along with it the energy of the summer, I am excited to be sharing the Moores Clothing #SuitDrive again. For the past few years we have been avid supporters of this charity drive which makes a real difference in the lives of real Canadians from coast-to-coast. This year Nick Cannon has come on board to bring awareness to one of our favourite causes, and I recently had the chance to chat with him about the 2016 initiative. Come and see what he had to say and learn how to join us in making a difference! 

You’ll remember our posts here & here over the years when we have worked closely with Moore’s. Being that I called the finance and marketing industries home for so long, I understood the necessity of having a suit and feeling my best. This is really what the suit drive was created out of:

“The Canadian Suit Drive is symbolized by a blue hanger. To help spread the word about this campaign, Moores is encouraging people to share the #SuitDrive post found on its Facebook and Twitter pages. For every share, the company will donate $1 (up to $25,000) to the local recipient organizations they have partnered with. Donors are also encouraged to help raise awareness by sharing a photo of an empty hanger in their hometown, identified by a unique backdrop, using #SuitDrive. Moores will be reposting their favorite photos throughout the month of July.”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Cannon about his participating in the program and loved his passion to make a difference with Moores alongside all the projects he has on the go. 


Q: Why was it important for you to get personally involved with the Moore’s Canada Suit Drive?

A: I totally believe that what you give is what you what in life. That being said, it was the perfect opportunity to get involved in something that gives back to real people. Fashion and style is a world that I frequent everyday and a world that I love. I truly understand how important it is to provide the essential items to make people feel good and help them ultimately put their best foot forward. To get our there for a job interview to be the best they can be.

Q: Do you remember your first suit? What was the occasion that you needed it for and how did it make you feel?

A: I’ll be honest and say I don’t remember the first suit I ever wore. That being said, I grew up in church family. There are pictures of me at 2 years old in a 3 piece suit, so I understood what it meant to be suited early on in life. I do remember personally picking my grade 6 graduation suit. It was a purple double breasted suit and I was so excited, since growing up in a church household, every suit was  usually beige or blue. MC Hammer was wearing purple suits and I thought I was MC. That is something I will never forget.

Q: If you could offer one piece of advice to a recipient of one of these suits, what would it be?

A: Wear it with strength. Expressions like power suit, dress to impress, dress for the job you want are commonly used, and I truly subscribe to that. There is something about the suit that embodies strength and confidence, so wear it proudly.

Q: What was one of the best things you learnt from Moore’s about the suit drive and what it accomplishes in Canada?

A: Moores has been doing this for years, and to know that they partner with hundreds of non profit across Canada to assist made me understand the real impact something like this has. It was truly enlightening. 

Q: What is the most important thing that Canadians need to know about the suit drive if it is their first time hearing about it?

A: At the end of the day, how simple it is to walk into a Moores and bring in gently used men AND women clothing – everyone is always looking to make room in the closet. Why not make a difference in the process?

Q: You have an amazing collection of suits and are known for your personal style – if you had to pick one colour of suit to wear right now, what would it be and why?

A: White suits for the summer. I personally wear them any time of year – because it makes a statement, but isn’t too bold. Very ‘Fantasy Island.’

Q: With so many charities helping so many people, what was it about the Moore’s Suit Drive that stood out to you?

A: The #SuitDrive has helped to build on spirit and the act of giving. It’s not just giving money to a cause (which is still so important), but it’s the opportunity and the essential tools to be successful. People can always donate money, but to donate something so personal from their lives to make sure a personal impact in the lives of another is truly inspiring.

Sidebar, I had to control myself from fan-girling during the interview but thankfully I was able to keep my composure. Thank you for your time Nick. Ps. You’re a babe. 

In exchange for your donation, Moores wants to thank you! “Consumers can donate their gently-used professional clothing, including men’s and women’s suits, ties, jackets, shirts, pants, belts and shoes at all 126 Moores store locations around the country. As a thank you, donors will receive 50 percent off their next purchase of regular priced retail items.”

For more information, visit the Canadian Suit Drive website at

To get inspired along with us, follow @MooresClothing on Twitter and Instagram, and ‘Like’ their Facebook page. Use the #SuitDrive hashtag when you share (especially Facebook to ensure a donation is made on your behalf) to show your support of this amazing cause.

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Photos: Daniel Reyes & Moore’s Clothing 


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