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Travel & Lifestyle | Summer’s not over yet. Hit the road with Ford Canada!

We all know that the summer months are coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have a few weeks of adventures ahead of us before the changing of the leaves and season. We recently took a few day to ourselves up at the cottage, and we couldn’t have imagined driving up in anything else but a Ford Canada vehicle. The 2015 Fusion Titanium hybrid was the best option for long road trips & much needed time away.


You’ll remember that I am now addicted to road trips with Ford Canada. There’s nothing like the open road behind the wheel of an amazing vehicle.

Packing the trunk full of the essentials (coming to the site this week!), we hit the road north to the cottage. Comfortable, roomy and with AMAZING mileage. We made it all the way to Parry Sound (approximately 250km) on 3/4 of a tank of gas. This is largely thanks to the hybrid technology that is becoming the new direction cars are taking in the industry.

“The Ford Fusion Hybrid maximizes performance. Powered by an advanced lithium-Ion battery, it can travel gas-free in all-electric mode even at highway speeds. When extra power is required, the gas engine kicks in to power the battery or enhance performance. If that’s not enough, the regenerative braking system captures over 90% of the brake energy, and uses it to help recharge the battery and maximize your distance. The transition is seamless.”

Did I also mention that the car reminds the driver when they’ve been on the road for too long? Yep. It tells me to take a coffee break and stretch my legs. If that isn’t designed to take care of us as drivers on the road, I don’t know what is!


This vehicle has been one of my favourite to drive in a long time and I will always associate it with road trips and good memories. And that fact that in the city, it doesn’t cost a fortune to fill up the gas tank!

For those of you who are more car-lingo inclined, click here for details on the amazing Fusion Titanium Hybrid.

To find your local dealership, click here and take this vehicle for a test drive yourself. You’ll be amazed, I have no doubt.

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Photos: Ford Canada & Daniel Desforges


Daniel Desforges

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