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The words memory foam usually inspire thoughts of sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep. So why would you not want these things for your pet vs the “other” types of dog beds on the market? I had no idea there were so many different types of dog beds available for our furry companions. I’m not even joking, there is one for everything that you might need. Like did you realise that there are beds for dogs with arthritis? It’s not just about choosing the right size anymore, it’s all about how beneficial the bed will be for your dog. Choosing one has been an interesting challenge, especially because we were hoping to find a bed that could provide a calming place for them to sleep. Canela has taught me a lot as my first dog, and one of those lessons is that a good dog bed is hard to find… until now. Recently launched by our friends at World of Angus, the is a must-have in our house and we’ve got all the reasons why. But first, if stress and anxiety are stopping your dog from enjoying enough sleep, you might want to do some research into products that can help your pet to relax and unwind. A friend of mine recently recommended that we try pet CBD oil to try and reduce our dog’s anxiety, as CBD is said to have calming properties and improve well-being. With this being said, there are plenty of different products out there to help your dog to feel calmer, so do not be afraid to shop around.


The Dog Bed is a sturdy, comfortable and amazing addition to our lives. It travels well when we hit the road with Canela and ensures that she is always comfortable just like her daddies. Did we also mention that there are some amazing dog bed covers to express your dog’s personality?


Here’s a bit more information on The Dog Bed and why it is important for your dog:

When your pup isn’t running after balls, investigating smells around the house, or curled up with you on the couch, he’s probably sleeping. In fact, the average dog spends about 50% of its life asleep! That’s why we created The Dog Bed. It’s a revolutionary dog bed that is a lifetime investment for your pup’s health and well-being.

Made from human grade memory foam, as your pup sleeps their body temperature increases, softening and staying firm where they need it. This custom support relieves both tension and stress.


To purchase the #WOATheDogBed Dog Bed for yourself, make sure to click here. Share your photo using this adorable hashtag to join in on the social media conversation like these cuties…

Stay tuned as we have an adorable photoshoot with Canela and her new bed – I just need to get her off it first!

We’ve added this must have item to her daily routine and believe that it will help to improve your dog’s life as well. To check out this and other amazing products available from World of Angus, make sure to check out their website today!

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