Travel & Lifestyle | We can’t stop sipping on Nespresso Tinto de Colombia & Cafezinho do Brasil

For those of you who follow along with me on social media, you’ll see that 2016 has been an amazing year of travel. In July, the team at Nespresso had me join a few of my fellow Coffee Connoisseur Club members in Montreal for Coupe Rogers. Not only did I get to enjoy the tennis, but I was also one of the first in Canada to try the NEW Tinto de Colombia & Cafezinho do Brasil. Come and see why I can’t stop sipping on them while we work away on some exciting things with the team and how you too can enjoy them! 

A lot of people don’t realize that I was actually born in Montreal. My maiden name (is that how you say it for men? I don’t know) is Desforges and my dad’s side of the family is very French Canadian. So when I have the opportunity to head back, it feels like coming home. Even if just for a quick visit! 

After a quick flight on Porter Airlines to Montreal, we headed to Renaissance Montreal in the heart of downtown Montreal. The hotel was an artistic hub of energy and French Canadian culture from the moment we walked in, which got me even more excited for Coupe Rogers the following day. For those of you visiting Montreal, I encourage you to check out this beautiful hotel!


This room is so #Montreal and I love it. Sipping my coffee and relaxing / getting some work done before hitting the town!

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#NespressoCoupeRogers Renaissance Hotel Lobby

After an incredible night with incredible people (click here to see more photos from some delicious meals and moments on our Facebook Page) we were off to enjoy a few matches at Coupe Rogers! Before sitting down to a few matches, similar to what we had the pleasure of enjoying at Taste of Toronto, we sat down to a master tasting experience that paired both Tinto de Columbia & Cafezinho de Brasil with food to showcase their complex flavour profiles. I’m always so amazed at how versatile Nespresso flavours can be depending on what you are sipping them alongside. 

“A ‘cafezinho’ or ‘small coffee’ in Brazilian Portuguese is almost a synonym for ‘welcome’ with the offer of coffee made the moment one enters a household or business, creating an instant personal connection over this treasured beverage. Inspired by the rich, colourful and vibrant Brazilian coffee culture, the experts at Nespresso have created Cafezinho do Brasil, a unique and powerful Limited Edition Grand Cru.” 



Tinto de Colombia & Cafezinho do Brasil will be available for a limited period from Nespresso boutiques worldwide, as well as through orders from the Nespresso Club at 1 855 325-5781 and online at from August 29, 2016 priced at $8.50 for 10 capsules. For the coffee lovers of the world, I highly encourage you to pick your up or order them before they are gone. I can’t get enough of the culture, flavour and how they make me feel during a busy day. A cup of delicious relaxation at the touch of a button!

As a member of the “Coffee Connoisseur Club” in Canada (you’ll remember we announced the exciting partnership here) it’s my pleasure to tell you about the latest and greatest from Nespresso. To see the full range of products available for the coffee lovers in your life, click here.

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Photos: Nespresso & Daniel Reyes


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