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One of my favourite parts about becoming a bit more of a home body is how much more I am cooking. My close friends and family know that I love to be in the kitchen, though I will say that I have been trying to make smarter choices. With the proposed ban on single-use plastics really getting the recognition it needs here in Toronto, now more than ever I’m trying to reduce my waste. Well friends, recently I had a chance to visit Unboxed Market – the first no-waste market and eco-conscious grocer in the city.

First of all, I am astonished that this is the first time this concept has happened. Allow me to give you a bit more context before I get into my love letter to the Unboxed Market team and why I love shopping there now.

“Shopping zero waste might sound intimidating, but we promise it’s easy! It not only saves you from accumulating unnecessary waste, it also saves you money!”

I can’t actually get past how easy this is to save money and reduce my impact on the environment. Not only do I feel like I’m putting my money where my mouth is as the saying goes, but the array of local providers also helps me feel like I am shopping (and supporting) local businesses. In the age of modernism and big box stores in the burbs, it’s nice to know that my choice as a consumer is helping to support the business, its vendors, the neighbourhood, and ultimately the planet one purchase at a time.

I think the hard part for someone who doesn’t understand the concept might be the idea of bringing your own containers. If you’re like me and need to stock up, thankfully Unboxed Market has every kind of re-useable container you can think of for purchase as well. I can’t wait to go back and just stare at the cheese case for hours on end while we grocery shop.

For those of you looking to make a change in the way you think about food, grocery shopping, and supporting small businesses making a difference in the world, I cannot encourage you to visit Unboxed Market more. Even if just to walk the aisles, sip a coffee from the café at the front of the store, and see what all the fuss is about.

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