5 Ways I Take Care of Myself When Travelling

Have you ever stopped to think about what work-life balance really means? It’s one of those buzz terms that is thrown around a lot, but I don’t think I’ve ever thought about it in respect to my own life as much as those of the people around me. And what about those people, who like me, have to travel for work. Is it even possible? I wanted to take a moment to share with you, five ways that I take care of myself when travelling that have actually helped me find a bit of balance again. I’ve really enjoyed spending time in different places but because I’m working, I don’t have the opportunity to really explore the country or city that I am in. So, I’ve been thinking about possibly spending a few months in some of the places that I’ve been too. To help me make the right decision, I’m going to use DestinationScanner.com for the relevant help and information. And trust me when I say, as someone who needs balance (insert Libra joke here) in his life, that they actually work!

I’ve not tried a count down list before, so let’s see how you like it! Here are five ways I have invested in myself to feel better both inside and out every day.

1. Getting the Rest I Need

THE most important of all when I travel. And this may seem silly to even have to mention, but you’d be shocked at how hard it really can be to sleep when travelling for work. Even a quick stop in Montreal can throw me off of my much needed routine. SO, when life keeps me up, I always grab a box of Vicks® ZzzQuil™ to help me get to sleep fast and sleep soundly throughout the night. You’ll remember that I told you all about it here (link to previous post), but as my schedule picks up again with trips, travel and responsibility, I couldn’t be happier with how I feel.

For more helpful information & #TravelTipZzz, make sure to check out ZzzQuil™ on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ZzzQuilCanada.

2. A Realistic Beauty Regiment

I am not my husband – a person who enjoys the regiment of 45 minutes a night in the washroom washing, scrubbing, exfoliating, applying, re-applying…. nope. That is not for me. I need an easy beauty system that is good for my skin and can help me feel better about my skin. As I’ve gotten older, I realize that I could have been taking care of my skin a bit more than I did. But it’s never too late to start now! T Men’s beauty is so much more approachable in 2018 and you can of course check out our Instagram for some of the brands we recommend you try.

I’d love to say I have my husband’s energy and enthusiasm for beauty after a long day, but I don’t. So find yourself a product you love and enjoy those five minutes after you brush your teeth and get to bed.

3. Mindful Apps

Notice how I am not pretending to tell you that your phone shouldn’t be around you? Because it’s 2018 and most of us sleep with our phones beside us. It’s my alarm clock. And I also run a small business so I can’t turn it off for hours on end. That’s just not my life. What I can do in an effort to invest in myself is download and use mindful apps. To help me meditate when I get five minutes to myself, or just to listen to after a stressful conversation during the day, these apps are not just a well marketed product. They genuinely work if you want them to. But investing in yourself, be it with a purchase or with time, means that only you have the power to make it work or not work.

4. Buy a Book

Sounds easier than it is. Like journaling, we all have good intentions and want to read a book a week. I know that’s what I used to set as a benchmark. But be realistic with yourself and don’t make it a task that causes you stress instead of helping you to unwind. Heck, if it’s easier, buy it on Audible and let the book talk you into a happier place mentally – that’s how I do it if I can’t get to a book store before a work trip. Now here I wouldn’t set a time limit for yourself. I am an avid reader and when I do sit down to read / listen to a new book, I can go for twenty minutes one day and two hours the next. Practise doing it consistently, and it will show you what calm feels like again. In addition to a book maybe trying to learn the language of the country you are visiting would help you to feel safer and enjoy the experience more when you arrive. For example, if you went to Germany then perhaps German courses in and around London would help you to feel more comfortable whilst you are travelling and exploring the country.

5. Buy a Journal and write for ten minutes

I say ten minutes, because for years I tried to journal my thoughts at night, and ultimately would forget or stop trying. Setting a realistic goal of ten minutes gives me enough time to scribble down my thoughts, concerns and dreams from the day. To put them on paper instead of allowing them to keep me tossing and turning – this way, all those thoughts or to do’s have somewhere to live and I feel mentally relaxed before bed and in the morning. If you haven’t tried it before, it will take you a few days to get into your rhythm, but once you are, you’ll wonder how you ever went without journaling!

I know I said I was only going to do 5 points, but here is my final bonus tip to you:

6. Plan things to do

When travelling, you don’t want to end up in a situation where you have nothing planned! You’re travelling, make the most of it and enjoy it! Try new foods, book a spa day, try something new like Kite Surfing – make the most of your time there, it won’t last forever. I find when travelling, that making memories is the most important part. I love looking back at pictures, remembering the times we we’re silly, the times we tried something new, remembering the new foods we tried. Live life, make memories, make plans.

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