A Berry Nice Way To Switch Things Up

We all know that I’m a fan of cooking at home and switching things up in the kitchen. Especially as the winter inches its way closer and closer, I find myself looking at recipes and reasons to try new things with new ingredients. For those of you who follow along with me, you’ll have seen that I recently attended an event with NERGI® to learn about how I can incorporate them into my recipes and you can too!


So what the heck are Nergi® Kiwi Berries and why is everyone talking about them? Well you can learn the full background of the product and get to know them in depth here, but in a nutshell, NERGI® is a kiwi berry from the Actinida arguta species also known as the Siberian kiwi or kiwi berry.

They are roughly the size of raspberries or small strawberries and pack a punch of vitamins, flavours and nutrition into their compact size. I came to realize how easy it was to add them not only to smoothies, salads and desserts, but also to main courses using their natural acidity. You can of course click here for more recipes should you also be so inspired.

What I cannot stress enough is that the season for these delicious green goodies is very short in Canada so you don’t have much time to try them before it’s too late. Find out the nearest store that sells them for you by heading here: http://nergi.info/en/find-me/


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Daniel Reyes

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