A Truly Montreal Hotel Experience

My big Summer trip this year was heading out to Montreal to cover Osheaga, which was such an amazing time. If you haven’t read about my festival experience, you can check it out here. But, a large part of what made my trip so wonderful, was my stay at Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel.

Believe it or not, this was actually my first time being in another province (I know, what do I do with my life?). I was a little bit stressed as I had never been in this city before, and I think most people kind of have that “before vacation stress”. I know I do.

My boyfriend Cole and I both had to work into the evening on Thursday night and the Festival began on Friday afternoon. So, we drove up on Thursday night around 9:30pm and arrived to the hotel around 3:30am. We were so exhausted! However, the staff could not have made us feel more comfortable and at home. Considering the time of our arrival, there was no delay for valet and we had all around excellent service. We checked into our room with no hassles – which was something I was also worried about as we were arriving so late (or early, I should say). This was no issue and we were in the room and off to bed within about 10-15 minutes after we got there.

We woke up the next day feeling refreshed and comfortable, with such a beautiful view of the city in our spacious room. One of my pet peeves is checking into a small and stuffy hotel room, but this room had tons of space to breathe, with a cute sitting area and electronic thermostat.

I had a hair appointment before the festival (because I tend to feel really entitled whenever I go on trips and need to be pampered), so we didn’t have time to catch breakfast. I was a little worried about getting to the salon from the hotel but it turned out that the salon was only about an 8 minute drive away – which brings me to my point about how the location is so great! Coming from out of town and not knowing this city made the location absolutely perfect. It is so central to the downtown area, and to pretty much everything you want to be near – shopping, restaurants, and venues are within walking distance or a short drive away. This definitely took a load off of our shoulders.

The following morning, we had a chance to catch breakfast at the restaurant on site called “Bistro Le Boulevard”. It was a little busy as there were many others grabbing breakfast before heading off to the festival. But we were seated almost instantly to enjoy a delicious and filling breakfast. It was so convenient to have this on site because we didn’t have much time to go out anywhere for breakfast as we had to be on time for our interview with Honne! Missed it? Take a look below.

There is also the option to order room service from this delicious restaurant, but we were feeling the dine-in experience, which was so worth it!

Just before heading out, I was able to grab a Starbucks Teavana Tea at the Café, which is also on site with a variety of different lattes, pastries, and Starbucks coffee and tea. It has a rustic modern feel to it, which is in coordination with the amazing city.

Overall, this hotel is absolutely stunning and I recommend it to anyone visiting Montreal – especially for the first time! The employees are extremely accommodating and friendly, location is central, rooms are beautiful and have the comfiest beds ever (for real), along with breath-taking views. I’d like to express a huge thank you to Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel for hosting us, as it was one of the largest factors in making this trip go as smoothly as possible – I will definitely be back next year for festival season!

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From Toronto with Love,

Gemma Mastroianni

Mobile photos taken with my NEW Huawei P10

Photos: Cole Leuthel

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