Contest | March is a lot greener with The 2015 Green Living Show Part 4

It’s March madness around here thanks to our friends at The 2015 The Green Living Show. Over the last few weeks, I have been running FOUR contests to win products from some of this year’s vendors that you can visit from March 27-29th at The Metro Toronto Conventon Centre. Come and see how & #GLS15 are so excited for this year’s show and you should be too! And make sure to enter the fourth and final contest before it’s too late.

“Opening March 27 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, this year’s show features an extensive lineup of celebrities, experts and features, along with over 400 exhibitors representing the latest in innovative products, the best in local and organic food, eco-fashion, natural beauty, fitness, hybrid and electrical vehicles and more. And it’s free to attend, courtesy of Samsung, if you bring a piece of e-waste for responsible recycling!”

To see the list of this year’s vendors, make sure to check out

To see Catherine’s coverage from last year, click here. And of course, for ticket information make sure to click here.

Two brands that I am excited to tell you about, both of which will be a part of the #GLS15 show this upcoming weekend, are changing their respective industries for the better in new and innovative ways. Plug N Drive is bringing electric cars to the forefront of the driving community in Canada in all the right ways. Flow, officially launching in retail locations April 2015, is similarly changing the consumable water industry with its environmentally friendly packaging and corporate responsibility.

Both are producing amazing products that are helping to make the world a greener place and will be attending the 2015 Green Living Show.


This past weekend I had the chance to work with the team at Plug N Drive and took a Nissan LEAF for a spin around the city. A 100% electric car that has zero-emissions and can go up to 140 km on a single charge proved to the the perfect little city car vehicle. This was a pleasant surprise to me as, like many of you, I’m sure, I was worried about getting stuck in the middle of a busy road without any form of Nissan LEAF charger anywhere close by. But this test drive really did give me so much more confidence in electric cars, and I really can see them as becoming a massive part of the future now. Those looking to get an electric car in the future could get a charger installed in their garage or on their driveway by a professional electrician from a company like SALT (, or a similar service in their local area. But asides from offering these environmentally sound vehicles, what else does Plug N Drive do?

“Plug’n Drive is a non-profit organization committed to accelerating the adoption of electric cars to maximize their environmental and economic benefits.

Although initially focused on Ontario, we believe that electrification of transportation can bring wide-ranging benefits to all Canadians. We strive to be the “go to” source of information and resources that will help achieve this.”


If you’re a driver like me and are looking for more information on how to make the switch to an electric or hybrid car, make sure to click here for the latest information on the subject by the leader in the industry. Thank you again Plug N Drive for an amazing weekend and the knowledge of knowing driving doesn’t have to be what it once was in 2015.


On a similarly exciting note, Flow is BRAND new to Canada and is about to change the way you think about buying and drinking water. Visitors to this year’s Green Living Show will be able to try Flow before anyone else in the country!

“Flow is the future of packaged water. Our water is nurtured for thousands of years in a deep, artesian aquifer where it naturally collects essential minerals, electrolytes and an alkaline pH. No industrial process or additives necessary, just pure, holistic H2O straight from the earth. Oh and our package has the lowest carbon footprint in the industry and it’s PET and BPA free. You’re welcome.”

At the end of the day, most of us don’t realize the amount of waste that is produced by the bottled water industry and that is quickly affecting the world we live in. By reducing the carbon foot print of their packaging AND introducing alkaline water into your diet, Flow is looking out both for the planet and your body. I’ll leave the science part of alkaline water cellular absorption to Catherine, but know that it is easier absorbed and better for you all around. \

“Founded by Canadian entrepreneur, Nicholas Reichenbach, Flow is a modern socially responsible water brand inspired by real people finding their flow. We’re creating products informed by you, by our friends, by the world around us, that celebrate what it means to be mindful, living in the moment, in a state of energized focus and enjoyment.”

Another amazing opportunity available to show attendees is the Flow Direct service which will have Flow products delivered via eco-friendly electric SUV. Launching this week in Toronto exclusively, come and see these amazing products this weekend with me before anyone else.

As mentioned, both of these amazing brands will be at this year’s #GLS15 show and I highly recommend you stop by to see first hand what they can do to change your life and the lives of those you love.

See the following video from The 2014 Green Living Show below to help get you inspired.

So…. who wants to WIN this week’s amazing prize? I am giving away a Flow Prize Pack (prior to Canadian launch) to one lucky winner PLUS 4 passes to The 2015 Green Living Show & 4 passes to the 2015 Yoga Show. Simply follow these few steps:

1. Follow @FlowWater, @PlugN_Drive & @DoTheDaniel on Twitter

2. Tweet the following tweet (shortlink must be included in tweet *)

Make the world a greener place with @FlowWater, @PlugN_Drive & @DoTheDaniel at this year’s @GreenLivingPage! #GLS15

It’s just that simple!

** Each Tweet per Twitter account will count as entry. Tweet must comply with above format to be entered to win. Winners must be following all twitter accounts as listed in Step # 1. Contest odds depend on how many valid entries are received. Contest runs until Thursday March 26th 2015 at 5:00pm EST. ONE winner will be chosen at random and announced via @DoTheDaniel’s Twitter account on Thursday March 26th 2015 after 5:00pm EST. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash value. Contest winner will be contacted via Twitter and subsequently emailed for personal details to have prize collected at the 2015 Green Living Show. Contest open to Canadian residents only. Travel and accommodations to Toronto not included and are the responsibility of contest winner**

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Photos: The 2015 The Green Living Show, Plug N Drive & Flow

Good Luck!

Daniel Desforges

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