Contest | What would YOU do with the Kraft Dinner 24K #GoldNoodle?

That’s a really good question, isn’t it? For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about yet, our friends at Kraft Dinner (aka KD) are giving away 555 instant prizes OR a 1-LB 24K Gold Noodle with their latest AMAZING contest.

So, when they asked me to take the noodle out for a truly golden adventure à la, I had to think of the most amazing experience ever. Come and take a look at the contest details and the golden experiences that we had with THE Gold Noodle during TIFF!

Full contest details can be found at, but let me give you the highlights before I get into my gold noodle soirée adventures.

Delivering cheesy goodness since 1937, the newest KD contest has me BEYOND excited to enjoy one of my favourite meals with Julio and have a chance to win the #GoldNoodle for keeps. The next time you pick up a box of KD it might just be your ticket to the golden life full of adventures like the one we enjoyed together.

So… when creating an experience to enjoy alongside a solid gold noodle, nothing felt more golden than attending the most exclusive TIFF party. By invite only, Mongrel Media gathered together A-list celebrities and film lovers at the #MongrelTIFF house for the best of all the incredible #TIFF15 events. was lucky enough to be invited to join in on the celebrations and we brought along the noodle for a night we won’t ever forget.

I laugh when I think back on the evening because it seems as though the noodle got more attention than Julio (which is a LOT!)

From the step and repeat photo below to cocktails with celebrities, the noodle enjoyed canoodling (I had to) with the celebrities who attended #MongrelTIFF including Asif Kapadia, Domhnall Gleeson, Geoffry Rush, Royal Wood and SO many more! So many of our friends loved posing with and holding on to the noodle… because, who wouldn’t?



Oh @dothedaniel looky what I found! #GoldNoodle #mongrelhouse A photo posted by Solmaz (@thecuriouscreature) on






























It was such a pleasure to just be invited to the #MongrelTIFF house (follow the hashtag to see even more celebrity studded moments), but to attend in such a golden way was truly an adventure! Thanks to our friends at KD, we know what 1 lucky winner’s life will be like 24 hours a day. Don’t forget that there are also 555 instant prizes to be won!

Click on the image below for all the amazing prizes and full contest details:

KD Golden Noodle Prizes DoTheDaniel

So, the question remains….

What would YOU do with the KD #GoldNoodle? 1 lb of 24K Gold could create a lot of golden experiences like the ones that we had. Make sure to head to for full contest details or click on the image below. To join in on the social media conversation, make sure to follow @KraftDinner on Twitter and Instagram.

Tag them & @DoTheDaniel in your posts to show us how you would live the golden life with these golden prizes. We can’t wait to see your posts!

Kraft Dinner #GoldenNoodle Crack the Vault

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Photos: Julio Reyes & Kraft Dinner

Good Luck!


Daniel Desforges

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