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Have you ever noticed that as the winter settles in on the city, that people forget to have common sense or courtesy? It drives me crazy to see someone blocking a GO Train door with their HUGE knapsack, or not letting a pregnant woman sit down because they’re playing Candy Crush on their GO train ride home. Yes, as Canadians we are kind and lovely people, but even we have our etiquette fails when the weather drops below the freezing point. 

I know it can be hard to smile when your face hurts from the wind, but I’ve noticed over the past few days that it can make the biggest difference. So being mindful of your etiquette while on your commute only makes sense to me. 

You’ll remember that last year we shared the cheeky #EtiquetteFail campaign in partnership with GO Transit where we discussed the irksome etiquette blunders you witnessed as commuters. As a GO Transit commuter myself, I found it so amazing to see what you thought. Based on the results, there is actually going to be a limited edition book published based upon your very response – and we got a sneak peek first! 

What does the book entail? Well, for starters it should be noted that GO Transit is always listening and responding to our concerns. Have you ever felt that what you express online goes unheard? This is something that the book (launching this January) will help to playfully demonstrate. From amazing illustrations highlighting various forms of etiquette fails to fun tips on how to enjoy your commute to and from work, this limited-edition book is a tongue-in-cheek look at commuter-generated blunders and rider etiquette-related matters, packaged together with the intent to inform and educate in a light-hearted manner.

From “Quad Goals” to “What Goes on Seats”, the “Unwritten Rules of Public Transit Etiquette Written Down” was essentially written by GO Transit riders for GO Transit riders. I think that as Torontonians and Canadians we have earned our reputation as kind and generous people. But there is always room for improvement. Why not extend that to our comfortable and convenient commute to be more mindful of those around you, while they do the same? 

Even Julio agrees when we hop on the GO train to see Catherine after a busy day! And I can already hear him laughing at some of things that we all helped to create. Want to see some of the amazingness? Yes, I’ve decided that’s a word. I’ve gotten a preview that no one else has seen before!

The average commute in Toronto can be hectic as our city continues to grow and prosper, so let’s help share this message so that everyone is informed. So far your posts and #EtiquetteFail moments have got us all talking. I think it’s because of you all that this continues to be discussed into 2018!  But what I am curious to know is what continues to be the biggest #EtiquetteFail you’ve witnessed during your commute?

To help celebrate our partnership with GO Transit, we’re launching a cheeky contest for THREE LUCKY WINNERS to win! I opted for Instagram and Facebook for ways that you can enter. Click below (CONTEST DETAILS) to learn how you can enter to win an #EtiquetteFail prize pack of your own. Each prize pack will contain a copy of GO Transit’s book, “Unwritten Rules of Public Transit Etiquette Written Down’, along with a PRESTO Card valued at $100!

Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean that you have to be on a comfortable commute to work. Today on, Daniel is sharing more etiquette ideas to help make your GO Train commute easier for both you and those you commute with – and to get you excited we’re launching an exciting #Contest for THREE lucky winners! Want to #WIN a limited edition #EtiquetteFail themed prize including $100 Presto Card? 1.  Follow @GOTransitOfficial & @DoTheDaniel on Instagram 2. Double-tap to 'Like' this photo ❤ 3. Tag two friends you'd like to share this contest with! This contest is in no way affiliated with Instagram. By entering, you agree to the API terms of use. Contest closes on Friday, January 26th at 5pm EST. Contest open to Canadian residents (winner must live within GTA region or be able to gift it to someone who does). Winner will be chosen at random and contacted via Instagram if it is the winning type of entry. You may also enter via Facebook, please check our Facebook page for even more chances to WIN. No limit to the amount of times you can enter, so the more time you comment, the more chances you get. Good luck! ? #DoTheDaniel #GOTransit #Ad

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Want another chance to share this awesome message with us and call out those #EtiquetteFail moments? Click below to tweet the biggest Etiquette Fail you’ve witnessed. Each tweet will be considered one extra entry into the above-mentioned contest.

Don’t be a door-blocker or loud-talker. Be the person you would want to commute with to work. Make sure to continue to join in on the social media conversation that has all of Toronto and the GTA talking by following @GOTransit on Twitter and @GOTransitOfficial on Instagram, using #EtiquetteFail. We can’t wait to hear your positive ideas on how to change those pesky habits! 

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