Events | CBC launches CBC Arts in SIX exciting ways

A fun fact that many of you might not know about me is that I have always had a dream of working for the CBC. There is something so quintessentially Canadian about it and I hold it in the highest respects when it comes to media outlets. Be it my childhood memories of a Sunday night Disney movie, watching Road to Avonlea with my family (best. show. ever.) or the list of endless successful Canadian programs that have evolved out of this empire over the decades. Recently launched, CBC Arts is the newest addition to the family and in six exciting ways, they’re ready for us. Come and see how!

CBC Arts is an online platform which actively curates content from across the Canadian public broadcaster’s TV, radio and online properties. It also includes photos and videos produced in-house and commissioned from artists, producers and the general public. A selection of arts-focused TV shows and original digital material accompanies the content streaming through the website. CBC Arts features the most surprising, relevant and provocative arts content today.”

I love that the team at CBC have found a new and exciting way to showcase the talent Canada has to offer yet again. The six exciting ways I mentioned above? Six new original titles of course, including three TV series (Crash Gallery, Exhibitionists, Interrupt This Program) and three digital originals (The Re-Education of Eddy Rogo, The Collective, Canada In the Frame).


Recently, during the AGO’s First Thursday, the CBC Arts team helped celebrate with a uniquely CBC experience. An interactive art element was brought out for one special night to get people not only appreciating CBC Arts, but interacting with it. I know that I’m a tactile person and from the photos online, a lot of people are too!

“Hosted by the AGO’s associate director of adult programming and partnerships, Sean O’Neill, Crash Gallery brings art to life through a series of thrilling clashes. In every episode, three talented artists go head-to-head against each other in a real-time creative arena, giving the audience a front-row seat to the imaginative process. The challenges cover a wide range of artistic mediums from traditional paint and canvas to graffiti art, sculpture and mosaic. “

I love CBC Arts already and can’t wait to watch it grow! To get inspired with me, make sure to follow @CBCArts on Twitter and ‘Like’ The CBC Arts Facebook Page today. Follow the #CrashGallery and #AGO1st hashtags to see first hand experiences from the Crash Gallery art instillation and to join in on the social media conversation right from the get go.

Don’t forget to check back at regularly for more updates and exciting program announcements. Who knows, maybe we can expect to see them a few more times at AGO’s First Thursdays. Wink Wink.

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Photos: CBC Arts


Daniel Desforges