Food & Wine | Longos just made Thanksgiving the best holiday ever

Yes, it’s already time to talk about Thanksgiving. For those of you like me who dread the holidays because of all the planning that goes into those big meals, I’ve got the best new ever for you. Longos has created The Longo’s Signature Turkey Kit which takes the stress of meal planning out of the equation and allows you to focus on what’s important with the ones you love. Come and see how this incredibly affordable kit just made Thanksgiving the best holiday ever!

What if I told you that amid all the organizing, shopping, table setting and coordinating family members, Longos has created a kit that is $99 and has everything you need to feed 6-8 people? Yes, you read that right. For $99 all your food is ready to eat and needs just an hour of your time! We took the kit out for a test drive and loved the entire experience.

First off, using Grocery Getaway, we chose our five locally made sides to accompany our slow roasted seasoned turkey. In a convenient box, everything I needed for a Thanksgiving dinner was waiting for me!


“The Longo’s Signature Turkey kit feeds four to six people and retails at $99.99. The kit includes a seven or eight hour slow roasted turkey (6kg before cooking) that just has to be reheated for approximately one hour before serving. It also comes with your choice of five locally made sides from options like red-skinned mashed potatoes, twice-baked potatoes with cheddar, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, gravy, cranberry sauce and, of course, savory sage bread stuffing.”

Of the delicious options, we chose the following:

1. Turkey gravy 800g (rich savory poultry gravy)
2. Red skinned roasted garlic mashed potatoes 400g (Fluffy red skinned roasted mashed potatoes infused with roasted garlic)
3. Savory Sage Bread Stuffing 400g  (Savory and sage flavored buttery bread stuffing)
4. Rapini with roasted garlic 375g (fresh broccoli rabe blanched and seasoned with  Longos own extra virgin olive oil, topped with whole roasted garlic)
5. Roasted root Vegetables 450g (mixed root vegetables, yams, parsnips, turnip, carrot, celery root all roasted together with sweet brown sugar, and spices)

All it took was an oven at 350° for an hour to warm everything up and it was ready to enjoy. The process was easy, affordable and helped me realize that Thanksgiving is so much easier with this amazing service.

To make your life so much easier, click here to order your Signature Turkey Kit today. For $99, there is no better deal out there. Order before October 9th to ensure that your order is ready for Thanksgiving!

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*Code expires of November 15th 2015

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Photos: Longos & Daniel Desforges


Daniel Desforges