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For those of you who followed along on my recent weekend with Brita Canada to celebrate #BritaHydrate at Bud Light Digital Dreams, you’ll have seen that we had quite the experience with one of our favourite brands! Though unfortunately Day 1 was cancelled due to public safety concerns caused by the weather, I liken it to life lessons we all experience.

Similarly, we all face the task of staying hydrated and drinking enough water in our everyday life. Sometimes, things happen that are out of control and we get sidetracked. BUT, similar to the success of Day 2, it’s all about trying again with rejuvenated ambition. Brita Canada holds true to this idea and with their vast line of products available to help you stay on or get back on track to hydration and healthy habits.

Before I get into some of my favourite moments, it’s important to take the time to address why we love working with Brita Canada.

Why aren’t Canadians drinking enough water?

“Most Canadians (74 per cent) believe we’re more likely to drink sugar-sweetened
beverages like soda pop and sports drinks because these beverages are more readily available than healthier options.

As well, 21 per cent of Canadians suggest they do not drink enough water because they do not like the taste of tap water. Additionally, 16 per cent are concerned about water purity levels.”


During the Digital Dreams weekend, Brita took a BIG step in the right direction to help us all stay hydrated this summer. As one of three ambassadors, I was asked to share my experiences with #BritaHydrate (make sure to follow the hashtag online to see how much everyone loved their very own Brita Canada experiences).

I headed to Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto for the weekend for an experience I won’t soon forget. Waiting for me in the room was a bag full of festival essentials, including the bottles below to help me drink water all weekend long. Click on each image to learn a little more about how they can be a seamless addition to your every day life and get you drinking more water. I keep my 1L Hard sided bottle at my desk as the perfect reminder!

Checked into Trump International Hotel & Tower, Toronto & had essentials waiting for me for Digital Dreams Festival with Brita Canada #BritaHydrate #DoTheDaniel

Posted by Do The Daniel on Friday, June 26, 2015

#BritaHydrate Hard Sided Filtered Bottle 1L

#BritaHydrate Hard Sided Filtered Bottle 750 mL


#BritaHydrate Sports Filtered Bottle 590 mL

For these and other amazing products offered by Brita Canada that will help you #BritaHydrate this summer, make sure to check out some of the options where you can buy them via Canadian retailers.

After checking in we headed to America on the 31st floor of the hotel for a beautiful dinner curated just for us. From bay scallop crudo to pan-seared Halibut, I was left impressed and pleased visiting one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. See here for more details on America and why you should visit it and the hotel when in Toronto!


As mentioned, we unfortunately weren’t able to enjoy Day 1 since the weather in Toronto was NOT cooperating and it was simply not safe. Thankfully, back at the hotel and out of the rain, I was able to sip on my Brita water bottle and kick up my feet with Julio who had now joined me for the night.

Rested & rejuvenated for Day 2 it was off to enjoy some more festival culture for the first time. As I’ve mentioned before, this whole culture is new to me and one that I have completely fallen in love with. With hydration stations around the Digital Dreams grounds, every single attendee had the opportunity to stay hydrated while enjoying their favourite DJs. Not to mention the amazing #BritaHydrate dome where we could all sip some water and enjoy exclusive music thanks to Brita Canada! And the Brita Canada boys were nice to look at too…




So apparently I now like EDM? 🙊 #BritaHydrate

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Overall I was reminded that no matter what the occasion, there is always a chance to stay hydrated with convenient Brita Canada products. Be it at a festival, at the office, or enjoying a summer day no matter what the weather is!

Thank you again to Brita Canada for having me as one of their ambassadors for the weekend. We had a blast and I hope that you take the time to follow the #BritaHydrate hashtag on all social media platforms to see our behind the scenes moments and experiences. Summer hydration is a great way to celebrate and stay healthy, and Brita Canada has the best options to do both!

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Photos: Brita Canada, Daniel Desforges & Julio Reyes


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