Events | Mogo x No Fun Press x Kastor & Pollux #MogoPerks Party

My head is spinning with the events we have attended and will be attending in Toronto as of late. You’d be scared to see my calendar, especially while I balance the schedules of myself, Julio, Catherine AND Amanda. One such event that I simply had to tell you about was the recent Mogo #MogoPerks Party which coincided with the recent addition of this great financial option for Canadians. Come & check out why this event and brand is one I won’t soon forget!

So who is Mogo?

“Mogo is a Canadian finance company that supports the new breed of young people who grew up in an internet world; the tech-savvy generation that tends to get carried away with their money in the convenience of today’s lifestyle. Through their products, services, contests, and events meant to help #uncreditcardyourlife, Mogo encourages its members to “Do More, Spend Less” by presenting them with ways to live the life they want without breaking the bank.”

mogo 1

Mogo also offers great options for personal loans for those of us looking for a convenient way to achieve our goals. A user friendly website and simple application process takes the fear out of the financing and helps to get Canadians from coast to coast in a better place.

In collaboration with No Fun Press and Kastor & Pollux, the recent #MogoPerks Party brought the brand to life for those of us lucky enough to attend the event in Toronto. Take a look at some of the amazing photos from the night below! Follow the #MogoPerks hashtag to see what I mean on social media!





For more information on how Mogo can make your life better financially, make sure to check out their website!

To help inspire you online, follow @MogoMoney on Twitter & Instagram. Use the #UncreditcardYourLife hashtag to join in on the social media conversation.

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Photos: Mogo


Daniel Desforges