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Review by Catherine’s Cabinet 

Being a Nutritionist allows me to help people feel good from the inside out.  But what about the other way around?  Feeling good on the inside because you feel good on the outside – is this so frowned upon?  Well, I believe that it’s a balance between the two with the ultimate goal being to always just feel good.

The word Holistic in front of the word Nutritionist means that I take a whole life approach to health.  I deal with the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of people’s lives.  In my own life, connecting with nature and exploring it through new adventures is what really grounds me.  So when I was given the opportunity to write about a beautiful piece of clothing, I decided that, to connect it to the balance of feeling beautiful on the inside and out, I would take it outside where I truly feel free.

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Diviine ModesTee’s Tres le Jen collection brings a fresh and vibrant color palette with adorable style.  This fills a much-needed void in juniors’ clothing who are wanting trendy, cute and comfy clothing that is still girly and fun, without being too provocative.

“Chantelle Thomson, founder of Diviine ModesTee embraces the feel-good ability fashion has and brings this straight to her customers, offering divine dress and swim collections. The company stays on top of trends and styles that lead the fashion industry and incorporates them into their collections. Tres le Jen incorporates all of the high quality materials and styles of the other collections yet tailors them for a younger demographic, allowing top fashion for your entire family.”

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Although I’m far from being a “junior”, I was immediately connected to this collection because I can recall the pressures of feeling like you need to look a certain way when you’re younger, instead of just fully embracing your youth and all the fun that it has to offer.  We always want to be older when we’re young and younger when we’re old.  This begs the question, why not just be present and be happy where we are right now?

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Another reason why I was so drawn to this clothing company is because of the work they’re doing for their community.  In order to “take fashion to a higher standard”, Diviine Modestee has created something called the Diviine Deed Fund.   “We take 2% of our gross sales and donate them to organizations, people, groups and individuals that are put in our path to rebuild, to strengthen, to provide, and assist in doing good works.”   I can’t say I know too many companies nowadays that are making a conscious effort to give back, so this rocks!

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Always remember to practice the art of feeling good.  When life starts to get in the way, take a step back and ground yourself.  Never forget what really connects you to this world and what drives you.  Follow it and allow yourself to feel beautiful on the inside and out.

Photos: Butch Gerald

Diviine ModesTee routinely promotes certain pieces from the collection with discounts and promo codes and also interacts with its clientele through weekly giveaways that show appreciation and share fashion trends all over the map. This is highlighted on Diviine ModesTee’s blog site,