Events | Why I’m challenging myself with Adidas Canada & the #runmore 10K

There are so many moments in my life when I stop and look at myself in the mirror. For no particular reason other than to remind myself that actions speak louder than words. I think that all too often people say that they’re going to do something, and when the time comes, procrastinate or just forget. It can be as little as not cancelling plans you make because you “don’t feel like it” or setting a goal for yourself to clean the office and sticking to it.

I had one of those moments as I sat on the Adidas Canada #runmore 10k website staring at the registration screen for race happening in Toronto on November 1. I’ve been talking about training and getting fit for a year now and every time I start, “something” comes up.

Not this time. *Click* I’m registered. Let’s do this. Adidas Canada #runmore #dothedaniel

So now that I’m registered it’s time to face that I have actioned my goal into reality. Similar to other major decisions in my life that I have made recently, it’s about taking that first step.

In their first ever #runmore 10k run, Adidas Canada has put together the coolest concept. November 1st marks the day when clocks turn back which means that the day actually has 25 hours. What better way to use that extra hour than to run a 10k race and push yourself with a challenge?

“The 10K run, starts at Ontario Place at 1:00am- and when you’re done, the clocks go back and it’s 1am again. You can’t say you don’t have time, because it doesn’t cost you any.” 

#runmore in support of Canadian Olympic Foundation

Registration is $35 and 100% net profits are going to the Canadian Olympic Foundation. So now not only are you setting a goal that you are putting into motion, but you are also making a difference while doing it.

I encourage you all to join me for the run by clicking on the following link. If you’re looking to make your goals a reality and challenge yourself alongside me, make sure to click Spots are filling up FAST so now is the time to trust your instincts and join Adidas Canada & I.

#runmore 25 hour day

Did I also mention that there will be food, beer & a DJ post run? With so many reasons to come join me, I don’t know why you wouldn’t sign up today. A 10k run is the perfect length for a first run and can help you realize that your potential lays in the simple act of clicking ‘Register’ like I did. Take that first step with me and realize that #runmore 10k can change the way you see yourself.

For more information and inspiration, head to

Adidas Canada is encouraging the participants and supporters to join in the social media conversation. Make sure to follow @AdidasCA on Twitter & @AdidasCanada on Instagram. Use the ‘#runmore 10k’ hashtag to show us your progress, your favourite pair of adidas running shoes and your smile when you cross the finish line. See you there!

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Photos: Adidas Canada


Daniel Desforges