Events | Why you HAVE to see the #PerrierGreenhouse at Bestival Toronto this weekend

Festival season arrived in full force around the world and this year we are happy to be a part of this energetic culture. Over the next few months has got some really exciting projects we are working on to be at some of this year’s best music events! One of those festivals taking place here on June 12th & 13th in Toronto is Bestival Toronto. Our friends at Perrier Canada have got some BIG things planned for us all with The Perrier Greenhouse and we’ve got all the details why you won’t want to miss coming by to say hello and enjoy from special perks!

So my first question when I heard about The Greenhouse was of course… What is Bestival?

“The wonderful world of Bestival was born out of ten fun years of pioneering music events and record releases from renowned music specialist, Rob da Bank’s Sunday Best empire.

Alongside Creative Director, and wife, Josie da Bank, and co-founders and partners John & Ziggy from Get Involved, Bestival is the realisation of a long-held dream to create the perfect modern day festival. Changing the face of independent festival culture, the fearless foursome brought magic to the shores of the Solent and are now spreading the love worldwide, starting at Hanlan’s Point Beach, Toronto Island.”

Our friends at Perrier will be a huge part of this weekend’s experience during Bestival with this unique concept space. From The Greenhouse aesthetic to the exciting experiences it will create for music lovers, it’s bound to be the place to be. Did I also mention it will house some incredible acts as well?


I had the chance to chat with Marketing Manager, Premium Brands at Nestlé Waters Jennifer Semley Robert about The Greenhouse to get some behind the scenes info about this weekend.

  1. As you very well may know, music festival culture is one with a huge following around the world. Why is it important for Perrier Canada to be a part of this culture?

Music festivals are more than a destination for live music; they are a place for our guests to make new memories. By creating a unique Perrier experience, as we are so well known to do, within the festival environment, Perrier hopes to set the trend and push that exciting, unexpected and fun culture forward. Perrier creates experiences that automatically makes everyone proud to say, “I was there”.

  1. Tell me a little bit about the “Perrier Experience” that this weekend’s festival attendees can expect alongside The Greenhouse.

The experience is one thing – festival goers will have to come and experience it themselves! That said, there are some incredible features we can fill you in on and let your imagination fill in the blanks!:

  • 3000 sq. ft. Greenhouse structure with glass-like panels and grass turf flooring
  • Grass-wrapped “floating” plexiglass benches around the perimeter of the Greenhouse for festival-goers to take a seat, enjoy the show and have a Perrier slim can in-hand
  • Beautiful custom chandeliers comprised of hanging plants and LED lighting
  • A mirrored bar in the center, serving refreshing Perrier cocktails served in slim cans
  • LED Perrier DJ booth/stage – the Greenhouse has its own billing of top acts!
  • Perrier staff serving Perrier cocktails in slim cans
  • Perrier fridges stocked with ice-cold Perrier for guests to take and enjoy
  • Fully air conditioned space!
  1. Any surprises in store for those Bestival fans this weekend that they should know about thanks to

You will have to come and check it out to find out all the secrets! I will say that the way we are showcasing cocktails is pretty unique and refreshing plus our line up will certainly draw a very cool crowd!

Take a look at the beeautiful renderings of The Greeenhouse below and make sure to follow @DoTheDaniel on Twitter and Instagram to see it first hand with us on Friday June 12th!

Perrier Greenhouse - Interior 2 Perrier Greenhouse - Exterior

“The Perrier Greenhouse is a refreshing escape where festivalgoers can relax between sets, take in a show at the built-in stage, and enjoy an ice-cold Perrier straight-up or in a cocktail, all under a unique custom-built 3000 sq. ft structure.” If you’re attending the festival with us this weekend, you simply have to see it for yourself and enjoy all the surprises that await us!

To stay up to date with all things Perrier Canada during and after Bestival Toronto, make sure to follow @PerrrierCA on Twitter & @PerrierCanada on Instagram. Use the #PerrierGreenhouse hashtag to join in the social media conversation during the festival to show us your favourite moments inspired by Perrier Canada. We can’t wait to see what The Greenhouse experience is like for you!

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Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive

Photos: Perrier


Daniel Desforges