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Family Lifestyle | #GloriousMesses

If there’s one thing Lyric can do completely independently, it’s make a mess. With being a 4 year old boy, it’s not only expected but at times I revel in it. It’s a joy to watch his imagination take over and see what he creates. But what comes along with messes? Yep, cleaning it all up. Now that part, I don’t enjoy so much! We recently received a box FULL of fun crafts and activities to do, and because Green Works thinks of everything, all the necessary products to clean up the mess! Lyric went through the box, ate the smarties quickly, and decided on which things he wanted to do, a craft and a treat! We headed over to Miss Catherine’s place and got to it! He chose all the messiest things, paint, glitter, glitter stickers, feathers and glue to decorate his bird house! With pretty much no instruction, his masterpiece was complete! Using the Cleaning Wipes on the table was quick, easy and efficient! Being in a Holistic Nutritionists house, I was glad I had the convenience of a cleaning wipe without the worry of any harsh chemical residue being left behind.


Lyric loved using the All Purpose Cleaner on the paint that dripped on the floor. Made using fine naturally-derived ingredients such as essential oils and coconut based cleaners, it immediately started to dissolve the paint and wiped away easily. Next, we were on to our treat! We used what we had on hand, and made an orange and kombucha pop in the Zoku Classic Pop Molds!


Being the independent man Lyric is, he wanted to fill the mold himself, we all know what happened next.. MESS! haha! He quickly cleaned it up, and even helped load the dishwasher to leave Catherine’s house nice and clean! Loved knowing the Dishwasher Detergent Pacs were made with biodegradable cleaning ingredients, and don’t contain ammonia, bleach, phosphorous, dioxins or any other carcinogenic compounds.

Green Works carries a large line of naturally-derived cleaners. “Our goal was to set the standard for naturally-derived cleaning and create a truly breakthrough product. So instead of taking an existing formula and removing ingredients we started over. The idea of creating a product that was sustainable, made from biodegradable ingredients and not tested on animals pushed us to work in ways we’d never done before.” Why not play too, and make your own #GloriousMesses?


Be sure to tag @amandahayden and #GloriousMesses on social media when you make your masterpiece. I can’t wait to see what you create! To follow along on my mommy adventures & get a behind the scenes look into my life, make sure to follow my Instagram Account today. We’d love to have you join us!

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