Fashion Art Toronto Is Coming To You This Year, Because #WEAREALLINTHISTOGETHER

With 2020 almost half way done, it feels as though the new reality we live in is slowly finding its footing. Many of us continue to work from home and practice social distancing based upon the instructions where we live. We have learned to support local, wear Canadian and share beautiful moments with each other via digital platforms.

We continue to use our voices to amplify those that need to be heard and now we are seeing the evolution of major Canadian events taking note and making industry leading changes themselves. So I am excited to tell you all that you can finally live the life of your favourite content creator and join us all during Fashion Art Toronto‘s upcoming Virtual Runway Show Series.[0]=68.ARDjuh2cd0ZBd8EHHiy6CUcvCn8vchOGWBO6sV9Og00msegbmly7MNU7eckylcTqhjp7E37oi_-l3JmKZQ0CniI92r5Oryk6lnIoS_ttaxMU2LhqpXGF6EH60loDwTnq8j6Oms_114nSIr9LboOtpvUwOA3tV4stXMjezzemi2YfzRIt1E88hZGZ-Ii8vys_DboDIIID9OO12aWLaqDlh41sBoxGfg2o3l-qjXZxluwVUt4zq80-Dy1HPZORo3rSunoq0K8uXzeHvsGIHyxuc7fEGfSIYNU3IGdUtfDaL70sC8mnr9qymbqAVjxyzyWiHxNGJC7SIQ6OiQQLBi7LAn4XxzL7JhmN9d97yg&__tn__=-R

Like almost everything in life, after postponing its April 2020 event, the city’s largest annual multi-arts fashion festival Fashion Art Toronto is introducing a Virtual Runway Show Series, launching with a showcase of five designers across five dates at five locations around the city. This event has always offered a distinct perspective into the world of Canadian fashion, designer, creativity and expression. An event I was introduced to almost a decade ago via Julio, I know always find myself excited for it.

Pivoting as many have online, the virtual runway presentations will be streamed live on the Fashion Art Toronto Instagram every Monday and Friday evening throughout the summer, with the kick off show taking place on Monday, June 22 at 8.p.m EST. All presentations will also be shared on the Fashion Art Toronto YouTube channel.

The fascinating part of this is that many of you would see it streamed through and via your favourite content creators, websites, publications and so forth. But now, the curtain has been pulled back and you can have direct access just like all of us to experience it first hand. I love that idea. A world that allows us all more equality and opportunity. Think about how important that is now, more than ever.

Urban landscapes will provide picturesque backdrops for models strutting the runway in collections by designers including statement-making Mic Carter/L’uomo Strano and Padina Bondar, vintage-reviving Meesh and Gorm Garms, and gender-bending up-cycler Neoteny Apparel.

Importantly amid the messages of Black Lives Matter and social mouvements for change around the world, Mic Carter of L’uomo Strano (above) will showcase his latest collection ‘Strange Fruit’ on June 22 at 8 p.m.

“Inspired by the recent modern-day lynchings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, the collection explores the complicated assertion that these three were martyrs in the quest to eradicate anti-black racism from the Americas. The collection simultaneously seeks to reconcile a deep sense of veneration for these new African-American saints, with our passionate grief and rage that has transformed the globe and its social paradigms in just a few short weeks. “Strange Fruit” meditates on the hope of collective protest and activism, and celebrates the resultant critical changes that have already begun to damage the fortress that is white supremacy.”

2020 marks the 15-year anniversary of Fashion Art Toronto and for those of you looking for your virtual front row seat, I’ve included the schedule for shows below and highly recommend that you join me in celebrating these incredible designers and messages.


Monday, June 22 – 8 p.m. EST Mic Carter/L’uomo Strano
Friday, June 26 – 8 p.m. EST Meesh
Monday, June 29 – 8 p.m. EST Padina Bondar
Friday, July 3 – 8 p.m. EST Gorm Garms
Monday, July 6 – 8 p.m. EST Neoteny Apparel

Please make sure to follow and support everything #FashionArtToronto does to support, mentor and guide Canadian fashion. They are and have always been advocates for the diversity, and very evident talent, that we have right here in our own backyard.



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