Five things you can do to temporarily change your whole life

As the month April slowly makes its way to warmer weather for us all and the world prepares for the Solar Eclipse that has nothing short of celebrity status, it’s time to give some thought to life and lifestyle changes like I have been doing. Here’s the thing with change – it can be hard – so I’ve gathered together five temporary changes you can make in your life that aren’t forever and may just give you the boost you’ve been looking for as featured on today’s latest segment for Cityline.

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So, let’s get to those temporary trends that you can try out for yourselves, shall we?

It is no shock to any of you who have been following me over the years that I am a fan of tattoos. Almost all of mine have been from Black Line Studio and I wanted to talk about how the idea of a tattoo might be a bit intimidating. Thankfully, temporary tattoos have come a long way from the wet and stick options of my youth. You can now have an artist (like Luis – click here for his work)

I’ve been thinking about getting a snake tattoo for a little while now but before I got my most permanent tattoo (and one of my most important to date) I wanted to test out how having a hand tattoo felt. It worked so much I went back at the end of the week to bite the bullet and you can click here to see the final product which I love!

Black Line is my studio of choice for permanent tattoos and now it can be yours for temporary options if you aren’t ready to make it forever, or just wanna switch up your look.

Most recently my friend Ion, who I have no known for years and knows me (and my tattoos) very well, opened The Blumz in the fall of 2023 after noticing a gap in the luxury piercing industry. Rather than having to go to a local tattoo shop to receive your piercing, Ion and co-owner Anna created a space dedicated to helping customers have a more luxurious piercing experience.  

Similarly to tattoos, piercings can be a bit daunting. Using their new app you can virtually see what kind of piercing you can get done permanently, and you can also work with their team to create custom temporary piercings like I did. I LOVED the process and the new store is absolutely gorgeous – you’ve got to see it for yourself!

This temporary change was a bit more difficult to keep quiet before today’s segment aired, and it’s because its made quite the impression. Again, if you’ve been following me for a little while you’ll know that I am a huge fan of Clairol products. During Pride 2023 I actually tried out their Color Gloss Up products and loved the outcome – so much so, that my hair is today bright pink because I’m still using the temporary hair dye which lasts up to 15 washes and creates a change in my look and vibe that I was looking for.

When I’m ready to change it permanently, of course I can trust Clairol Bright & Bold which offers that same wow effect with longer lasting results. Both are fabulous, and I kind of love that I’m adventurous like how I was with this segment and doing it in front of a live audience!

Now the next one may not be for everyone, but last year when I tried out derma fillers I loved the outcome (above) so much that I knew I wanted to do it again. Skin6 The Beauty Clinic is my go to aesthetic clinic for their experts and their derma filler and neuromodulator options. I am no stranger to getting neurotoxins such as botox or dysport to help me look fabulous, but lately I’ve been investing in dermal fillers as a way to change my look in a subtle and sexy way.

I actually support the idea of plastic surgery and enhancements if it helps you feel more beautiful, but the fabulous changes that you can achieve with derma filler helps to get the results without the cost, the down time, and the permanence. I actually really look forward to my visits to Skin6 and encourage you to head to their clinic to speak with an expert!

Lastly, for those of you who are curious about make lifestyle changes but don’t want to throw away and restock your entire pantry and fridge, why not give it a try with DoorDash? For example, if I wanted to see what being vegan was like I could use my Door Dash account to order fresh and frozen groceries, and delicious vegan takeaway options in my city and dab my toe in the proverbial water without having to fully commit.

DoorDash is of course a fabulous option for the above and for date night in! They make it easy to try new local gems in your neighbourhood with endless selections for any cuisine you’re after like some of my favourites across the country below

· Mediterranean- Sumac in Montreal

· Italian – Terroni in Toronto

· Sushi – Tom Sushi on Davie or Hello Nori Robson in Vancouver

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Photos by: Daniel Reyes Cocka and participating partners

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