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Everyone is talking about it, and whether or not you’re ready, the fall is arriving. Personally it is my favourite time of year because from fashion to food, the fall represents layers and comfort to accompany the colourful season. That’s why when I found out about so many delicious new President’s Choice items that have arrived as the leaves slowly begin the change, I couldn’t help but make a list of my must try at our favourite grocery store.

Food can be just as expressive as the clothing you wear on a daily basis. I know that when I think of the seasons, the fall reminds me of warm spices and hearty dishes that are meant to warm the soul while the days get cooler. The President’s Choice website is a perfect way to find inspiration, if like me, you need a little bit of help to find inspiration as we transition from one season to another. So, without further ado, here are my Top 5 Fall Favourites!

PC Piadina Italian-Style Flatbread

“An Italian-style flatbread inspired by the popular street food prepared in the Romagna region of Italy. It’s thin and ready for topping, folding and wrapping. Serve warm off the griddle or skillet with traditional fillings like deli meats and cheeses, or go sweet with fresh fruit and chocolate-hazelnut spread.” Italian cuisine is known to be hearty and full of flavous, and this flatbread is the conduit to sweet and savoury delight this season.


PC Apple Galette

“A sumptuous pairing of fruit and pastry, this rustic tart combines a hand-folded rich, flaky crust, a delicious apple filling, and an almond crumble topping. Best enjoyed warm, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.” Is there anything more autumn theme than a hot apple dessert? I think not. This dessert is a great twist on an old classic that will have your guests smiling after a heart meal this season. And it’s a pretty delicious breakfast cold out of the fridge the next morning too! 


PC Carrot Harissa Dip Blended with Flax Seeds

“Oven-roasted until tender and sweet, carrots are the first ingredient in this irresistible alternative to the usual dip. Partnered with flaxseed, sundried tomatoes and a zesty kick of Harissa spice for an exceptional blend of flavours. Enjoy with crackers and vegetables or spread on sandwiches, burgers and wraps.” I only recently discovered Harissa as a spice earlier this year and have since become obsessed. This dip is a refreshing addition to my snacking (I am a notorious snacker and love to have diverse flavours all at once when I do. Just ask Julio or Catherine!) and I enjoy it in between meals to satisfy that need for full-bodied flavour.


PC General Tao Meal Kit

“All the essentials to create this restaurant-style favourite are packed in one convenient box and ready to make in your own kitchen. Customize by adding protein and vegetables and in a few simple steps, you’ll have a tangy-sweet Chinese-inspired dish with as much or as little spiciness as you’d like — and in less time than in takes for delivery.” Listen, I am guilty of ordering out way too much because I try to tell myself that it’s easier. But with President’s Choice, I have been slowly changing some bad eating habits and cooking at home a lot more. When I heard about this new meal kit, I got excited because General Tao is probably my favourite item to order when Julio & I have a craving! Not only delicious, but a great way to save some money too for those trips we will want to take when the snow arrives. 


PC California Pitted Dates

“From California, these plump pitted dates are delightfully sweet and rich. Not just for bars, brownies, puddings and tajines, dates also make perfect midday snacks on their own and can be stirred into yogurt, granola or trail mix, or stuffed with nuts, dried fruit or cheese.” With Catherine’s help and delicious recipes, I am always trying to satisfy my sweet tooth in healthier ways – and dates are the perfect conduit to do just that! 

To learn more about the new delicious items available for the fall, make sure to head to the President’s Choice website here. 


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