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Now that the warmer weather has arrived, I am excited for weekends away, summer nights and roadtrips with friends. The process of planning a roadtrip isn’t like planning for a holiday. I don’t get as stressed as I do when I know there is so much for me to consider, especially if you’re going to be boarding a plane to the other side of the world and have no control over anything. But when it comes to the girl’s road trip, this is always an exciting time.

This time, I was in charge of the travel arrangements. We all felt it was best to hire a van this time, as it meant we could take more things with us. I then decided it might be worth getting van insurance, as you never know what could happen when you’re on the road for a long period of time. But we did not want to pay over the top for our insurance as we were already stretched in terms of expense for our trips. So, we decided to compare camper van insurance through various online portals. Luckily, we found a good deal on one of these sites.

While we are on the topic of road trips though, I must tell you about my plans for the rest of the summer. You see, some friends of ours own a couple of RVs so they go on road trips quite often. They have recently purchased a brand new RV from an RV dealer in NC and have promised to take me along on their next trip. I am so excited and cannot wait to check out their new RV for myself very soon!

Anyway, as for our last road trip, once our insurance was sorted, we were pretty much good to go! You’ll remember that last year Brittany brought you some delicious recipes to using the delicious #PCInsidersCollection products? (click here for her delicious cottage themed creations!).

With a whole new line of summer favourites available for Canadians, we are about to share all the ways you can fall in love with food again with President’s Choice.

Whether you are hitting the road on a sunny adventure to get out of the city, or looking for a romantic evening under the starts, President’s Choice has created delicious items that are perfect for your summer occasions. To help get us inspired, they’ve noted four iconic summer activities for Canadians and have perfected items to match them all. Let’s take a look at a few of our favourites!

#PCSummer BBQ DoTheDaniel

PC® Slow-Smoked Brisket Beef Burgers

“In an exciting new twist, slow-smoked beef brisket is blended right into the mix with our PC® Classic Thick & Juicy™ Beef Burgers for an authentically smoky and sensational flavourful upgrade to the usual cookout routine. Grill or pan-fry and serve on a bun – with or without a dab of barbecue sauce.”

PC® Pico de Gallo Mild Salsa

“Be transported to Mexico with this chunky salsa, made with simple fresh-chopped ingredients like tomatoes, onion, lime juice, cilantro, jalapeños and sea salt. As a versatile dip or sauce, spoon on burgers and tacos, serve with grilled chicken and salmon, or scoop with tortilla chips.”

PC® Loads of Spinach & Parmesan Atlantic Salmon Burgers

“For a different take on fish burgers, these juicy burgers are made with Atlantic salmon and loaded with the maximum amount of spinach, savoury parmesan cheese and capers possible, for a perfect mix of flavours in every bite. Whether grilled or pan-fried, they’re an impressive new choice in burgers – with or without the bun.”

#PCSummer Road Trip DoTheDaniel

When I think about summer road trips, the first thing I make sure to have ready for Julio is snacks. If you’ve ever travelled with someone who is constantly eating, you’ll understand the importance of having something delicious ready for them to grab. The Road Trip themed products are also perfect for the whole family with items the kids can nibble on for those family vacations.

PC® Organics Lemonade

“With a juicy burst of organic lemon juice, this timeless refreshment is a perfectly balanced tart-sweet blending of simple ingredients, like filtered water and organic sugar. Sip it chilled over ice or add a splash of vodka and sprig of mint for a refreshing backyard cocktail.”

PC® Hummus Chickpea Dip and Spread

“This smooth Middle Eastern–style hummus is made with chickpeas, tahini, garlic and just the right amount of lemon for a bit of tang. Enjoy it with vegetables, pita or crackers for snacking or use it to amp up the flavour of your sandwiches when you crave a switch from the same old spreads.”

PC® Chocolate Cappuccino Crunch Clusters Confection

“Creamy cappuccino flavour and rich milk and dark chocolate meld with crunchy cereal to create a luxurious blending of tastes and textures in these bite-size sweet treat clusters”

#PCSummer Picnic DoTheDaniel

Is there anything more relaxing than a picnic in the sun? I’m in the midst of planning several over the next few weekends to ensure that I am enjoying the beautiful weather and city I call home. The Picnic themed products this year are refreshing and perfect to pack into that picnic basket!

PC® Orange Cream Pie

“A perfect balance of tangy and sweet with a great taste of orange, velvety cream cheese and tangerine juice filling is nestled in a buttery honey graham crumb crust and crowned with whipped cream. It’s like a favourite creamy orange frozen treat, but in sweet pie form. Simply thaw and serve.”

“Ready in 7 minutes, this high fibre vegetarian side dish features quinoa and brown rice with carrots, sweet potato, kale and red bell peppers in an Asian-inspired sauce. Pair it with anything from baked cod to soy ginger-glazed chicken. Two vegetable servings per bag. A source of vitamin A, vitamin C and iron.”
“Brimming with savoury Asiago cheese and kale, these fully cooked and perfectly smoked chicken sausages are an inspired new alternative to the usual cookout fare. Grill or pan-fry and nestle in a bun, or skip the bun and serve with grilled or roasted vegetables or salad.”
#PCSummer Summer Nights DoTheDaniel
Some of my favourite memories with my husband over the years are from warm summer nights spent together. Cooking a delicious meal, sipping a well deserved glass of wine, and enjoying each other’s company. When I think of the new Summer Nights themed products, I am inspired to create new memories with my special someone.
“An irresistible sweet treat-on-a-stick for cookie lovers and ice cream aficionados alike, this vanilla light ice cream bar is brimming with cookie pieces both inside and out and covered in a white chocolatey coating. The light ice cream base is made with 100% Canadian milk.”

PC® Applewood-Smoked Bacon Wrapped Atlantic Salmon Skinless Fillets

“For restaurant-style dining in your own kitchen or backyard, these Atlantic salmon fillets are wrapped with PC® Naturally Smoked Applewood Bacon. Perfect on a cedar plank or directly on the grill, or in the oven.”

PC® Beet Hummus Chickpea Dip and Spread

“With vibrant ruby colour, this versatile dip and spread is a richly flavoured spin on traditional hummus. Sweet and tender beets are blended with chickpeas, tahini and garlic, then crowned with more beets, chopped and pickled with balsamic vinegar. Partner with vegetable platters and crackers, or spread on pita and naan bread.”

Now that we are inspired for four unique summer experiences, we can’t wait to pick up these and many other delicious items from President’s Choice! For more delicious recipes, make sure to stay tuned to as we plan a weekend getaway coming to the blog this summer. To see the entire PC Insider’s Collection of products now available, make sure to head to and you can also check back regularly on the President’s Choice Recipe page as a great resource!

For more foodie inspiration, follow @PresChoice on Twitter and Instagram. To join in on the social media conversation about some of the best summer recipes and ingredients, use and follow the #PCInsidersCollection hashtags. We can’t wait to see your favourite items from the new Insider’s Collection and the delicious recipes you create!

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