Food & Wine | Coco & Cowe are taking the world by storm with new expansions

I am a firm believer in supporting my colleagues in the industry who hustle and work to build their brand authentically. One of these brands that we love at is Coco & Cowe, as you would have recently seen on the site. This team of hard working individuals lead by our dear friend Catriona Smart is quickly showing the world that nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it!

As a blogger, I am always so proud of my colleagues that have achieved a level of success which allows their brand to become their lead source of income. From some of our favourites including FASHIONIGHTSCasie Stewart & Sidewalk Hustle, Coco & Cowe is a site that we check up on on a regular basis to stay in the know with their beautifully curated content. Today we were so happy to find out that the brand is now expanding into a whole new realm with an Online Boutique and Pop-Up Shop!


“Coco and Cowe’s expansion of services will be made available at their upcoming pop-up shop, hosted at the new boutique headquarters. The pop-up shop will feature a curated collection of pieces from the brand’s new online boutique, from fashionable to confectionary. Items such as their “Comment dit-on?” tee’s featuring correct pronunciations of some of fashion’s top design houses, along with hand-made confectionary items, including their very own vintage “Dickie Dee” ice-cream cart, serving their own brand of ice-cream sandwiches and popsicles will be in full swing!”

Wishing the entire Coco & Cowe a HUGE congratulations on the continued growth and success!

To stay inspired year round with a brand we know and love, make sure to follow @CocoAndCowe on Twitter and Instagram. Tag them when you visit the online boutique and pop-up shop to let them know which beautiful item you fell in love with.

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