Food & Wine | Fall in love with the NEW Ritual app AND get a #DoTheDaniel credit!

For those of you who live in or plan on visiting Toronto, I’ve got some great news for you. With lineups getting longer, commuting getting more crowded and schedules getting more full… we are all busy. Thankfully I was recently introduced to the new app Ritual which takes the waiting out of your daily routine (or as I now call it, ritual) of coffee and good food in the downtown core of Toronto. I fell in love with it right away, and am so excited that we’ve even got a promo credit for you from to try it out yourself. Come & see why #myRitual has changed for the better and yours will too!

The concept is so simple I wish I had thought of it. Conveniently order your coffee or meal from your phone on your commute or from the office at no extra cost. When you arrive, your order is waiting for you and you can skip the line and continue on with your busy day. I even discovered a new coffee shop (Milano Espresso Bar) using the app’s ‘Distance’ option to show me what I was closest to! So not only does the app make my life more convenient, but it also helps me to discover great new locations nearby.


Ritual currently has these amazing partners in the King St West & Entertainment District of Toronto. That being said, based on the ease and convenience of the app, I see the concept expanding in the future! Take a look at all the amazing locations you can skip the line and enjoy during your busy day while using my new favourite mobile app:


Love the sounds of no lines and the convenience of Ritual? Whether you live in the city or just come to visit, it’s a perfect app to keep on your mobile device. Click here to get a #DoTheDaniel credit when you sign up today! 

You can download the app in iTunes or Google Play.

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Photos: Ritual


Daniel Desforges