Food & Wine | How to host a #VivaTortillas fiesta of your own with Pringles

There is something to be said for a good party. I’m not taking about the all nighters that you have in your first few years of post secondary education or in your early twenties. I’m talking about the evenings in with people you love alongside good food, good drinks and LOTS of laughing. When I spoke with my friends at Pringles about their Pringles Tortilla Chip flavours, I knew that a party had to be had to celebrate with them. But no ordinary party… a Mexican themed fiesta was in order! So without further ado, allow me to present you the 3 secret steps to throwing your very own #VivaTortillas fiesta with Pringles that your friends will be talking about for months to come!

For those of you who remember, Julio and I were a part of the hugely successful #PringlesDuckLip campaign and were getting tweets and messages from readers across the country telling us they saw us on YouTube. It was so much fun and something that we will always remember as one of our fondest moments.

In another exciting collaboration together with Pringles, we had the chance to throw an intimate fiesta with friends. For those of you who know us, you know we are ALWAYS connected online via social media.

That night, we chose to do something a little different and had everyone turn their phones off. I know this sounds like it would be a lot to ask of your friends and family, but I bet if you gave it a try you’d see how nice it is. A few hours just to yourselves with funny memories and stories all thanks to a well planned #VivaTortillas fiesta of your own! I quickly took this snap before the evening began:

Now that we’ve walked down memory lane and set up how my night went with those I love, let’s get to the good stuff! Here are my 3 easy steps for throwing a #VivaTortillas fiesta for you and those you love.

Step 1. Pick a theme & get creative 

#VivaTortilla Pringles Canada Pinata

Throwing a Mexican fiesta or any kind of themed party can get pretty expensive if you don’t keep tabs on the things you are picking up. Or if you let Julio do the shopping. One way I chose to embody a fiesta for my guests was to think of fun activities they could enjoy without breaking the bank. A piñata is a great idea!

Do you remember being a kid and wishing that every birthday party had one of these candy filled miracles? I know I did. Even as adults, stuffing a piñata full of candy and having it readily broken open (optional) and hanging for your guests to attack will surely get them smiling. Make sure to keep a few bowls of Pringles Tortilla Chips nearby for those guests that need a snack while swinging.

Remember that activities shouldn’t be mandatory and are meant to enhance an evening, NOT inhibit it. Forcing your guests to stop and sit down to focus on something that might be tedious is a sure way to kill your fiesta. Relax and enjoy yourselves! That’s what a #VivaTortillas moment is all about.

Step 2. A classic drink goes a long way

#VivaTortilla Pringles Canada Drinks

I know that I talk about cocktails a lot, but something it’s nice to just stick to the classics. When it comes to throwing a Mexican Fiesta, nothing is better than Lime Margaritas & Strawberry Daquiris. If you’re so inclined, you can make your lime and berry bases yourself. But if it’s easier, and yes sometimes I choose the easy way too, get yourself some bulk amounts of pre-made bases. To help give your drinks a little more depth, mix alcohol and base together and allow to sit over night.

Serve over ice or throw into your blender with some ice to get fancy. Who doesn’t want one of these drinks right now? I mean really.

Best hosting tip ever: Get yourself some disposable and recyclable glasses for the night that match your theme. If you do a little bit of research, you’ll realize that there’s a plastic version of basically any kind of cup you can imagine waiting to entertain you and your guests.

Don’t forget if possible to continue your theme into your drinks as well. We had some Mexican papier mache skulls around the condo, so we thought skull shaped shot glasses were a great addition to the night. It’s simple touches like this that can create a seamless fiesta.

Step 3. Never forget good food.

#VivaTortilla Pringles Canada Food

Okay. This is and has the be the most important step I can possible express. FEED YOUR GUESTS. Especially if you’re serving drinks, this is a must. Thankfully, with the line of Pringles Tortilla Chips (Make sure to check out the Pringles Canada website here to learn all about them!) you’ve got the best way to keep your guests happy and full of good food. Alongside bowls that are always kept full of the flavours available, make sure to serve some fresh guacamole and several kinds of salsa.

Brittany even made a great suggestion that next time we can make fish tacos, but instead of using breading we will use crushed up Pringles Tortilla Chips! Genius!

On that note, remember that it can play two roles. It can also be a beautiful decoration. Add a few fresh jalapeños to a table or even a green bell pepper & tomato (as seen above) by your serving dishes to aesthetically continue your theme.

And of course, I guess step 4 would be taking it to the next level with some Luchadores if you’re so inclined..

#VivaTortilla Facebook Banner Luchadores

#VivaTortilla Facebook Banner



I had an amazing time and so did my guests all thanks to the inspiration I found in the Pringles Tortilla Chips. Now it’s time for you to head to your local grocery store, pick up some flavours of your own and get planning your #VivaTortillas fiesta. I can assure you if you follow these 3 simple steps, you and your guests will be laughing the night away.

To follow along in the fun with one of Canada’s favourite snacks, make sure to follow @PringlesCA on Twitter & ‘Like’ their Facebook page today.  Use the #VivaTortillas hashtag to show us your fiesta and favourite Pringles Tortilla flavour. You’ll also want to stay tuned for something really exciting in the next few weeks. Let’s just say you’ll have a chance to win with me again thanks to Pringles.

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Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive

Photos: Pringles & Daniel Desforges


Daniel Desforges