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Food & Wine | Hurrier evolves into foodora to take 2016 by storm!

For those of you who live in Montreal & Toronto, you’ll already be quite familiar with Hurrier. This Canadian on-demand food delivery service recently announced this week its evolution into foodora. One of our favourite ways to enjoy food is growing and we couldn’t be more excited to share the news with you all!

Joining the European based foodora family of brands, this rebrand signals an exciting time for a brand that has already won over the hearts of countless Canadians.

“In addition to placing online orders through, a foodora mobile app will launch in March, giving customers more freedom to access their city’s best meals. foodora will maintain Hurrier’s impressive roster of more than 200 restaurant partners and is looking to add more throughout 2016. Toronto favourites the Drake Hotel, Playa Cabana and Fran’s Restaurant are debuting with delivery through foodora in early 2016.

The simplified flat delivery fee of $3.50 in both Toronto and Montreal makes menu choices easier than ever. Previously, users had to asses geographic locations to determine delivery fees. The new, flat rate allows all food lovers to know exactly what the delivery will cost.”

In 2015 we unfortunately saw the decline of a lot of Canadian businesses, so when I heard about the success of foodora Canada, it made me smile. Not only does this rebrand help to propel Canada to a global player in the food delivery world, but is also a great way to ensure and help foster customer service. Not to mention the eye catching pink that you’ll now start to see more of on the streets and the amazing advertising like the following commercial:

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“foodora is an ingenious service that connects customers with fine restaurants around them. We deliver different choices of real food to people who want to celebrate their days and indulge in fine cuisine. Our mission is to help people discover the wide variety of amazing food around them without having to leave the apartment.

Konstantin Mehl, Emanuel Pallua, Stefan Rothlehner, Sergei Krauze and Julian Dames co-founded our company in February 2014. Since then, we’ve delivered tons of fantastic food to thousands of people across the globe.” now including Canada!

To check out all the delicious options available to you, make sure to head to today.

To join in on the excitement, make sure to follow @foodora_ca on Twitter and Instagram, and ‘Like’ their beautiful new Facebook Page today. Use the #foodora hashtag to show what meal you enjoyed thanks to this convenient, customer friendly service all year round!

For more behind the scenes of this and other amazing brands we are working with around the world, make sure to follow along with the #DoTheDaniel Instagram account. We would love to have you come along on our daily adventures with us!

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