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Fighting a nasty flu, balancing content and a busy schedule.. this week is proving to be quite a hectic one for me. I thought to myself it might be a good idea to take a break for a few days but with so many amazing events and charities to support, I simply cannot. One of those events that got me out of bed and excited was the Canadian launch of the new Perrier limited edition packaging inspired by Street Artists from around the world. I personally love Perrier and everything that they do to foster their brand in new and exciting ways. So with a strong dose of dayquil I was off to the launch event with the team!

The iconic STORYS Building in the downtown core of Toronto “was completely transformed with décor elements related to the style of each artist and guests enjoyed custom cocktails created exclusively for the evening and served in 330mL glass Perrier bottles.” You can imagine that an art lover such as myself was completely mesmerized by the evening!

Street Art by Perrier Event. Toronto, ON, Canada. Sept 30, 2014. Toronto, ON, Canada. (Image Ryan Emberley) (35)Street Art by Perrier Event. Toronto, ON, Canada. Sept 30, 2014. Toronto, ON, Canada. (Image Ryan Emberley)57

The three artists chosen were an integral part in designing both the new limited edition packaging and the event space for the Canadian launch.

JonOne, a New Yorker who has lived in Paris, France, since the end of the 1980s, has updated the classic Perrier glass bottle design, adding sparkle and audacity. Sasu, a poetic Japanese artist from Tokyo, has re-thought the contemporary Perrier plastic bottle look, bringing elegance and sensuality. And Kobra, a Brazilian humanist from Sao Paulo, has re-styled the popular Perrier aluminum Slim Can, provoking feelings of eccentricity and love of life.”

We were even lucky enough to have JonOne join us for the night and put his unique flair into the evening’s ambiance and entertainment.

Here are just a few of the new packaged Perrier products inspired by Street Art as designed by these three talented individuals:

perrier 1

perrier 2

perrier 3

Looking to get your hands on a #StreetArtByPerrier product? “The limited-edition Perrier packaging is available in three 100% recyclable formats: 250ml single-serve aluminum cans; 500 ml PET plastic and 750 ml glass.” You’ll surely see them soon in your local retailer and I would encourage you to tag @PerrierCanada on Instagram & @PerrierCA on Twitter using the #StreetArtByPerrier hashtag to join in the social media conversation!

Photos: Ryan Emberley for Perrier


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