Time to Think About What To Eat

Over the past months, I’ve really been thinking about where I spend money and who I support. Especially amid everything 2020 has thrown our way, my love for McDonald’s Canada has never faltered. Even more so today as they announce that starting today, until November 30, a portion of proceeds for every fry purchased will support RMHC. And you can also round up your order to the nearest dollar for RMHC, all year.

Be it as a treat after a hard day, or because I just need something consistent that makes me happy, McDonald’s Canada has been with me through some of the good and bad moments of 2020. Starting today, the establishment that will also be my first employer and hold a special place in my heart, announced the return #FriesForGood.

“#FriesForGood is back, but looks a bit different this time. Earlier this year, the fundraising initiative helped to support the Canadian Red Cross. In only two weeks, the initiative raised more than $1.1M. Now, McDonald’s is supporting RMHC to help raise much needed funds to keep families close to their sick child while their child is being treated at a nearby hospital.

Starting November 10 until November 30, a portion of the proceeds from every size fry purchased at participating McDonald’s Canada restaurants will support RMHC Canada. A simple gesture like buying an order of fries – for you or a friend – can make a BIG difference to the lives of families with sick children.”

Let’s be honest. McDonald’s Fries are magical and I know what I’m ordering for Julio and I tonight. The fact is that the initiative comes at a time when RMHC is experiencing revenue declines of up to 60 per cent, while operational costs have increased 30-50 per cent as a result of COVID-19– there’s never been a more important time to give back! 

In addition, Canadians can also round up their bill to the nearest dollar at the front counter, drive-thru and kiosk at participating restaurants and donate the difference to RMHC.

So, while you continue to help support small business and juggle all things 2020, remember that your purchase will support a very real Canadian and the incredible efforts of RMHC.

So I want to know YOUR help to spread the word and in supporting #FriesForGood 2020 and help #KeepFamiliesTogether. Make sure to follow @McDonaldsCanada and @RMHCCanada on Instagram and Twitter. Snap and share your photos as you use the #FriesForGood hashtag. Let’s show the world that Canadians are always going to give back to their community in trend setting and inspiring ways, no matter what.

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