It’s Never Too Early

Some of you may not be ready for the holidays to be upon us, but they are right around the corner and this year I couldn’t be more excited! While we still have a spooky Halloween to look forward to (this is the first year I get to hand out candy at the house and I couldn’t be more excited to see the kids) I recently received a package from Hudson’s Bay  and it made me realize that all my childhood dreams are coming true. The iconic FAO Schwarz is in Canada – available exclusively at Hudson’s Bay stores across the country and at – and I couldn’t be more excited. Come and see why and someone please tell Santa about the toys I’m about to share. 

Growing up in the 80s I look back fondly on the age of “80s movies” and their epic sense of nostalgia. Every year around the holidays you can either find me cooking while listening to Christmas music, or watching them all again with a cup of coffee in some comfy clothes on the couch. One movie that I always love is 1988’s “Big” and this scene is so awesome to me. I smile each and every time I watch it. 

No to mention, the name just inspires me to think of train sets and oversized plush animals. Which, if I’m being honest, sounds pretty frickin amazing in contrast to living the crazy schedule I do as an adult. The best part of this all is that I have actually never step foot into a FAO Schwarz. Ever. So all my childhood fantasies of the brand are coming to life in this incredible collaboration with one of my favourite companies in Canada. And yes, I want to buy myself toys this year. There’s nothing wrong with that – I promise to get some for Rebecca as well so it’s not too selfish of a first experience… 


While I haven’t had a chance to visit the pop up at the Hudson’s Bay down the street, I have already made my wishlist which include (but not limited to) the iconic Giraffe Plush, the Piano Dance Mat to recreate the scene above, and the 75-Piece Classic Train Set that I want to have always on and around my Christmas Tree. Which makes me realize I have to decide where I am setting that up in the house since it will be my first Christmas there. So much excitement to plan out to make this holiday season special and bring my childhood dreams to life! 

I’m getting a smidge excited. I’m going to see the pop up in person and I encourage you to do the same as soon as possible or head to to get inspired and excited along with me. 

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Daniel Reyes

Mobile photos were taken with my #HuaweiP20Pro on the Rogers network