Hola from Playa del Carmen!

Hi there, neighbours! Greetings from the Mexican paradise called Playa Del Carmen! My name is Jose Antonio, but only for official matters – you can call me Pepe (sound’s like pepper without the r). I was born and raised in the mighty, chaotic, crazy, legendary Mexico City. I have lived all around the world in my life but always end up near home – I recently invested in Playa Del Carmen real estate and have been spending pretty much all my time in this little slice of paradise! I’ve always loved Playa Del Carmen, something about it always called to me. Ever since I was a little boy, I have felt passionate about 2 things: music, and the sea.

While there’s so much I’ve done throughout my life, I would say that my real life, as I know it and love it, started just about 3 years ago, (I’ve just turned 38). Before that, there was no music and no sea! I decided to leave literally everything behind to start a new life in the Mexican Caribbean. Yes, I was 35 when I gave my life a 180º turn in search of happiness. This is not supposed to be a sad story, but I think you should know that for a long, long time, I thought that maybe I didn’t deserve to be happy or that all my efforts for finding it had no point. I used to think that in order to be happy, money was the 1st step. But of course to get it, you need to leave everything else behind- even “yourself”.

I used to be overweight and I looked like my actual age now… but it was 10 years ago!

To be honest, I wasn’t really feeling like I had a place back in Mexico City. I was just making money (not that much) with a terrible stress problem, desperate and lonely. My health was not the worst but, if I should describe it, I would say it was average. I was an overweight person, who used to drive to get cigarettes from around the corner (true story). Junk food, no working out – nothing!

I used to look my actual age now, but that was 10 years ago. I used to blame everything else (but myself) for my problems: The system, the government, my ex, my family, the city, the weather, God… I was desperately looking for a sign, an answer. But, I found out that signs are always there –  everything that I already told you… they were all signs! The thing with people is, that we are used to believing in miracles and those are “the signs” we’re looking for. Sorry friends, they don’t exist. But signs do exist, all we have to do is learn to listen/see/feel them.

This is me now. Less weight, more ink and a real smile! (That ear is from Zazil my cat – he doesn’t like photos).

Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of living close to the sea. This is the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

It was surprising to find out that happiness is not in a place or a thing. Happiness is right there, inside all of us, it’s just a matter of finding the triggers or the special things in life that turn your “happy-switch” on. But in order to get that kickstart, you need a little spark and sparks only come as a reaction from yes, you guessed it right: movement! I have no intention of boring you with my life (which by the way is really far from boring), I just want you to know a bit about me. Today I live a very, very happy life in paradise, I found love, I enjoy my passions and I have found some new ones. One of them being that I get to write for you. How cool is that?

This is Maria, the love of my life. I met her in paradise and we’re getting married in April!

This is the first time I actually blogged from the heart (and it’s my first time in English, too). I work as a Content Manager for a Tour Agency and do a lot of writing – but this really is a first. I’m looking forward to collaborating with dothedaniel.com, as they offer absolute freedom and they believe that everybody has something interesting to say. I believe it too. I have lots of cool stories to share and I like to think that my stories can inspire others. I’m not old but I’m experienced and I believe that in order to make a better world, we all should do our part and sharing is a powerful way to do it.

You will be hearing from me soon, maybe in Spanish – maybe talking about playing in a band, or living in paradise, diving with sharks, or planning a Caribbean wedding (yes, I have all these going on as I write).

My lesson for you is to pay attention to the signs and always remember: It’s never too late.

From Mexico with love,


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Photos by Pepe Yañez