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So now that the #Canada150 excitement has started and Canadians are already well into an amazing year of celebrations, I wanted to take a minute to share something really important that President’s Choice reminded me of recently. I like to think that I live a balanced life, or at least I try, but even I am guilty of not giving my family the time they deserve. This year, more than ever, Canadians should be taking the time to #EatTogether, and President’s Choice launched the most amazing campaign to remind us to do just that! 

I am a proud #DiscoverPC member in partnership with President’s Choice as I explore all the different ways that they (and their sister brands) help to make my life easier. So when I learnt about #EatTogether, I was so moved that I made a no phone rule in our house during meals. I am remembering to be more present, more thoughtful, and more loving to those I enjoy meals with.

“When we eat together, good things happen. We share a bit of our lives. We talk, we laugh, and we share the foods we love. We get a little closer. That’s why in 2017, for Canada’s 150th birthday, we’re on a mission to get Canadians to eat together. To put down their phones, turn off the TV, and sit down to share a meal. Whether it’s poutine, pad thai, paella or perogies. Nothing brings us together like eating together.” 

You know me and a good commercial – yes, I cried the first time I watched the following. But I’m sappy at heart, and it’s for good reason!

In conjunction with the #EatTogether mouvement, Sarah Blackwood’s cover of “What the World Needs Now is Love”, which was featured in the PC® #EatTogether film, is available for download on iTunes (click here to download the track now!) with all available proceeds being donated to the President’s Choice® Children’s Charity. You’ll remember that we had the pleasure of hanging out with Sarah in 2016 alongside President’s Choice and I am so happy to see her participating with such a fantastic idea to join Canadians together over something so simple. 

“Proceeds donated to the President’s Choice® Children’s Charity will support children’s health and wellness across Canada. They will help to provide grants for childhood nutrition programs and provide support for families with a child with a disability, as well as help kids have every opportunity to live their full potential.” So please, click here to download this beautiful cover of an incredible song. 

After you’ve read this and feel inspired, I encourage you to read this, pick up a few groceries and put down the phone. Turn off the TV. Turn down the radio. And really pay attention to the person or persons sitting across the table from you. Let’s all remember that #Canada150 is about Canadians, and connecting with them all one at a time. Want more information? Head to

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