Holiday Moments | Continuing my holiday tradition with Sears

The holidays are always full of joy & excitement, but also are a very nostalgic time for me. I usually end up deep in thought sipping hot cocoa and remembering Christmas’ past while celebrating with those I love. One tradition that always makes me smile is the Sears Christmas Catalog arriving in the mail.

Ever so coyly, my brother and I would ear tag pages of toys and things we wanted from Santa. As I grew older, I began to order gifts for those in my life from the catalog with my own money. It was a very proud moment when the gifts would arrive and I got to wrap them before placing them under the tree. Every year Sears has been a big part of the holidays for me and this year is no different!

With so many options as one of Canada’s most iconic institutions, the holidays are always my favourite time to shop at Sears. Be it in store or online, they always seem to know what gifts I need for those on my shopping list. Though I wouldn’t admit it, there have been many years where I was a stereotypical man and waited to do last minute shopping. Thank GOODNESS, our local Sears was stocked and ready for me. Hint hint boys – it’s not too late to get a good gift this year!

The Christmas 2015 Wish Book is full of great ideas for this year that will help to avoid disappointing your loved ones and settling for gifts at the local drugstore. Just don’t do it. Click on the image below to see amazing items ready and waiting for you and those in your life:

Sears Canada DoTheDaniel

Though I would normally share what I picked up this year for the holidays at Sears, I know that Julio & my family always read my blog posts and I couldn’t possible ruin the surprise. I just wanted to let you know that this year, and every year to come, Sears will always be a holiday must for me. 

For more information on Sears and those must have items that you can still pick up before the holidays, make sure to click here.

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Photos: Sears & Daniel Reyes


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