How To Have A Healthy Holiday

2018 has been a year of innovation, inspiration, and motivation for me. Amid the busiest time of the year, it’s important to remember to find time for yourself and make healthier choices in light of holiday sweets, sips and meals. While I am a huge believer that all things in moderation is important, I wanted to share a few tips to enjoy a healthy holiday season that I’ll be using in the coming weeks.

While I continue to run into Santa at events around the city, sip on delicious cocktails with friends, and cook hearty meals at home for those I love most, it is important to remember to make some healthier choices as well. Since I am inspired to share my wellness journey and have been since April of this year, I recently sat down to make a list of ways to be a happy, and healthier me.

  1. Don’t Do It For The ‘Gram

I know it seems weird for me to be talking about not sharing on social media, but something I have come to realize about myself this year is that there are some things I do for myself and those I love that no one else needs to know about. While I want you all to share your holiday memories if you are so inspired to, don’t forget to be present with your loved ones and not always so worried about sharing a photo with strangers on an app.

Social media is a fantastic tool that connects us all, but it can sometimes get in between us too. I work out every day for me, but I don’t need to check in every time on social. I enjoy meals I don’t need to photograph again. I spend time with those I love and don’t have to have photographic evidence of it every time. I volunteer and work on projects that have nothing to do with DTD, and so it will never need to be on our social media to “prove something.” I love fiercely but don’t need to show it all the time on Instagram. There is something to be said in putting down your phone this holiday season so you don’t miss it and the memories that deserve your full attention.

2. Simple changes to holiday classics

I am a huge fan of getting in the kitchen all year long – so it’s no shock that cooking is one way that I relax over the holidays. For some it is a stress trigger, but it makes me really happy. Recently I was reading some tips from The Massachusetts General Hospital about a few substitutions that can be made to recipes I have been using for as long as I can. Little things like swapping in cauliflower instead of potatoes for my creamy mash & gravy side. Cauliflower is all the rage right now in recipes I am reading, so why not try the swap for the holidays. I dare you to, not tell your guests, and see what they say. You might be shocked.

“… cauliflower has a light and fluffy texture,it’s packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, and less calorically dense” says Dr. Fatima Stanford, physician at Massachusetts General Hospital. AND it tastes amazing!

There are so many delicious veggies to add to your plate so don’t forget to try and have as many of them as you can on the table this holiday season. Healthy choices are easy additions, even if you find the right balance with gravy and goodies!

3. Try to do something physical for yourself

Trust me, I get it. We’re all busy and the last thing we will want to do is get to the gym or a spinning class, but taking the hour to do it for yourself over the holidays will make the biggest difference. Recently I looked back on my year when it came to my physical fitness. I remember my first class at SPINCO and barely being able to keep up. After the first class I could have stopped and said it “wasn’t for me.” All too often in life, it’s easy to give up on something if it feels too hard. But I went back, and the second class was a little easier than the first.

Physical fitness is something that is distinct to us all. And trust me, I by no means consider myself an expert. I still don’t love working out, but I understand the importance of it for me as stress relief. It’s my time in my mind. For that hour in the workouts I chose, I put my phone away and give myself the love I deserve. So this holiday, I could make an excuse and not go. But I will push past that idea and get my butt to the gym for me, knowing that I’ll feel amazing after doing it. However, luckily I do also have a supply of private label cbd to help me with my stress when I can’t head out to the gym. Maybe if you are not a gym person then this could be an effective way for you to unwind and relax.

These might seem like three easy tips to add to your holiday, but I challenge you to give them a try. Come the new year, you might even thank yourself for the small changes you made over the holidays that made the biggest difference of all.

I’d love to know what tips you have to have a healthy holiday this season. Make sure to join in on the conversation with me via our DTD social media accounts!

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