How to Stay Healthy & Energized for Music Festival Season

If you don’t know already, it is festival season! It’s that time of the year for long days in the sun filled with all your favourite music, friend, drinks, and more. Some festivals are simply just 1-2 days (like Field Trip), while others are an entire weekend that include camping (such as Wayhome). Although music festivals are essentially my favourite thing ever, they can be very draining. By the end, I usually feel like I want to sleep for 5 days straight. This year is different for me though, because I’ve taken a focus on how to make it through these long days while maintaining good energy and feeling healthy!

I specifically remember last year at Wayhome – it was one of the hottest weekends of the Summer. I had to sit out for a solid three hours because I just felt so out of it. I didn’t even want to sleep, I just felt incredibly weak and not well, and I missed out on a few of my favourites like Bahamas, Third Eye Blind, and more – super disappointing.

It’s so easy to buy all your food from the food truck – I know what you’re thinking, how can I resist all the delicious greasiness and amazing food? Or, this is festival weekend- why wouldn’t I go all out and eat whatever I want? Well I’m not saying to avoid it entirely – hell no, it’s part of the experience! I’m saying do this in moderation and don’t decide that it’s all you’re going to eat or else you’re going to burn out, it WILL happen.

This year, I’ll be starting my days off by incorporating Almond Breeze into my breakfast so that I can get enough protein in the mornings to avoid that 2pm crash. Why Almond Breeze? Well, it’s made with high-quality authentic California Almonds and contains lots of great nutrients, like vitamins and minerals. These are all essential components to a happy and healthy YOU during festival season! And can we talk about how refreshing it is to hydrate with something that tastes so delicious?

A couple of ideas of how to incorporate it is to simply have a bowl of your favourite healthy cereal, but instead of using milk, choose Almond Breeze instead! Another idea, which adds even more nutrients to your day, is to use a clean granola then add in some some fruit, maybe some chia and/or flax seeds and then top it off with Almond Breeze to hold your creation all together!

Add it to smoothies for a grab and go protein-packed option. Or get fancy and try a festival-inspired smoothie bowl that matches your outfit – is there anything more Instagram-worthy? Why not pack some soaked oats or chia pudding in a mason jar or eco-friendly container? It’s a creative way to stay healthy and keep the environment in check too! 

I can assure you that this is how I will be starting out my days at Osheaga this month, to ensure that I have a fun-filled day. I don’t miss out on any of my favourite acts or feel like I want to sleep for 5 years right after the festival. 

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From Toronto with Love,

Gemma xo

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Photos by Gemma Mastroianni & Almond Breeze