Let’s Talk About How That Denim is Fitting…

July 2020 and I’m about to start talking about denim and how it’s fitting in the world we live. If you’re like me you’ve lived the gamut of bread starters, banana bread, farmers boxes, home workout struggles and everything in between. So why would I talk about denim now, right? Let me tell you why.

It fits exactly how it should because you are doing the best you can. And maybe no one has said that to you yet while we all live in a new world.

I’m personally doing my best to navigate the world, my life, and the things that bring me joy. Coming out of Pride Month as the face of Ontario Lottery, I have really come to remember that I am amazing just the way I am.

Levi’s Canada was of course a part of my personal Pride and sent over one of my favourite new pieces of clothing that I proudly wear.


Starting today the brand will fit like a fond memory feels because they have launched the new Levi’s® X Peanuts Summer 2020 Collection. Yes, those iconic characters and the sentiments they evoke in you and I have joined forces with one of the best denim companies in the world to create the collection we all needed this summer.

“Revolving around tees and sweatshirts—as well as a tracksuit inspired by the vintage Levi’s® sportswear version from 1984—the collection features an array of Snoopy graphics straight from the Charles Schulz team. With Peanuts®’ trademark mix of whimsy and irreverence, there’s Snoopy returning a tennis serve, punting a soccer ball, racing his pal Woodstock, ollying a skateboard, and driving the lane in a game of hoops, among other sporting activities.”


Along with individual graphics, the collection also features unisex football tees, a set of reversible Snoopy graphic bucket hats, and oversized crewneck sweatshirts in a range of bold garment dye colours such as gold yellow, fuchsia red and fern green. There’s also the iconic co-branded white logo tee that features Snoopy racing Woodstock over the classic Levi’s® sportswear logo. It’s a collaboration perfectly suited to anyone who prefers their athletics to come with a generous helping of playfulness, wit, and nostalgia.

Like all good things in life, the collection will run while supplies last when it launches on August 4th so make sure to mark your calendar. I know I am!

So how is denim fitting you? It should be something you love and want to wear. And when you learn to embrace yourself and the things you love, the world – and your wardrobe – will seem so much more beautiful. Trust me on this one.

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes

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